My obsession with CSS continues. Do you want to know why?

1) They are awesome.

2) They make good music.

3) They give custom made tattoos! Te amo, Lovefoxxx!

And apparently

4) They make good remixes.

Dangerous (CSS Remix) by Faker Radio



I got the swag and it's pumpin' out my OVARIES

"One Big Room Full of Bad Bicthes"... The White Girl Mob motto. And they bring it.... with a brand new swag.
I love Kreayshawn. I was lucky enough to see her perform this song on the fly at 330 Ritch back when I thought all she was was a Hundreds groupie with a canon camera slung around her neck. She totally blew me away. The hook on this song is fucking ridiculous. She rolls with a group of hilarious white girls from Oakland. Most of their songs are weird and catchy and make you think "What the fuck? Who does she think she is?" which is pretty fucking great.

I gotta hold down the west for EB so this is my listen up and fucking recognize that we do shit a little different out here in the bay.
With that said, you love her or you don't get her; doesn't matter. Here is her website http://cargocollective.com/kreayshawn and if you really want to get raw, follow this bitch on twitter: @Kreayshawn. Here is the link to the FADER article: http://www.thefader.com/2011/05/18/kreayshawn-is-good-and-weird-odd-future-guys-agree/


Due to the fact that the only person ever to post on EB is me, and occasionally the Rog, Glade (a delinquent EB poster) has decided that:

Electrobitches is like a gay spanish language electronic blog with a nod to white people every once and a while. haha. and a super nod to oddities in pop all the time.

Thanks, Glade.

In homage to this, I'm posting this music video:

Disfrutan, perras.


Is Grimes Gay?

I went to the Lykke Li show yesterday at 9:30 Club. And, boy, was it a production. Before the bizarre silk-drape-haunted-forest act that was Lykke Li, there was a one woman band named Grimes.

She was adorable. She admitted that this show was the biggest yet she's played and she was nervous. But she pulled it off admirably. If you're into lush, psychedelic trip pop laced with electronic beats and a baby voice, Grimes is for you.

Grimes - Vanessa by Arbutus Records

Also, after listening to this song and its lyrics I just have one question to ask: is Grimes gay?

I hope so.


Introducing: Mamacita

Someone once told me I should start my own Latino indie music blog. This would be all well and good, except it already exists -- Club Fonograma. It was thanks to them that I discovered this little gem of a starlette -- Mamacita.

She utilizes simple beats with a sultry voice. And she comes highly endorsed by fellow Chilean (and my personal fave and future wifey) Javiera Mena.

Check her out "en la terraza" (on the terrace). Side note: En La Terreza is a project started by some enterprising Argentines to record artists playing on terraces. All very cool.


Ladies, watch out

Why waste your time? You know you gonna be mine.

This is my ode to today. To Fridays, in general.

Yo, DJ, pump this party!


Retro Wednesday Remix (Again)

I heard from one esteemed reader (Young Alex) that Retro Wednesday is his favorite day. That's nice. I guess you like music that's classic, none of this electro bullshit we're pushing on you. I get it.

You'll really love this one then. It features the sweet vocals of Annie Lennox AND Adele.

Adele Vs Eurythmics - Rolling in Sweet Dreams (DAFT BEATLES MIX) by Daft Beatles

Did you just have a gay man orgasm? I think you did.

Sometimes EB contributor (and always douche bag) Daniel J. Hopkins thinks this remix is alright. He prefers this one:

Adele – “Rolling In The Deep” (Jamie XX Remix)

He doesn't like the original. Shame on him.


Foster The Dancing

I have to get this off my chest. Too Many Sebastians doesn't like Foster The People. I'm like, "what?!" Because as you may remember we, in fact, don't hate Foster The People.

You shouldn't hate them either. You should love them. You can also buy tickets to their tour. Do that.

Also, listen to some remixes of their songs and dance. You could do that with their non-remixed songs too. Promise.

Foster The People - Houdini (RAC Mix) by RAC

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix) by GIGAMESH



Thug Thursday

I had no idea what to title this post, but thanks to the lyricism of one Freddie Gibbs, I decided to dub this "Thug Thursday." Because as he says, he's straight thuggin' on this track.

The Hood Internet has covered the xx's "VCR." The xx normally conjures up pensive/depressing thoughts, but throughout the Hood's cover I feel hopeful. Funny how that works.

The Hood Internet – “VCR” featuring Freddie Gibbs, Class Actress & Ninjasonik

"Watch things on VCRs with me and talk about big love.
I think we're superstars,
you say you think we are the best thing,
but you, you just know.
You just do"