I find this song attractive.

Cults - You Know What I Mean


Libro de caras

Thanks to facebook, I'm kept up to date with all my "favorite music." Cut Copy is one of those "favorites." They posted this cover by Architecture in Helsinki. And talked about themselves in third person. Like this:

Cut Copy are excited to share the first of a number of quality reinterpretations of “Need You Now” about to be unleashed. Fellow Melbourne residents Architecture in Helsinki thought it would be a good idea to imagine the tune as a classic Roy Orbison record. Well, it turns out that it was a genius move. You can STREAM the track below or DOWNLOAD it for free here: http://bit.ly/hlyc6h

Need You Now (Architecture in Helsinki Version) by cutcopymusic


Diamond Rings

UGH. Wednesday. It has to be the least fun day of the week. Naturally, you'll need something to get through the day. Hmmmmmm, if your friendly eletrobitch writer remembers correctly, the cure for hum-drum days is one part rainbow, one part dance, and one part young blond man (also known as "all parts totally gay-bones"). "Something Else" by Canada's own Diamond rings ought to do the trick.

Gotta love the lyrics to the main chorus:

I know you know just what you like
and I am really not your thing.
but just in case you change your mind
I wrote this song for you to sing.

So true. Good luck today folks!


I want

to do more than just make out while watching this video. Creepy? Maybe. But it happened.

Also, I will say what is on everyone's mind: boob!


Simmer Down Sundays: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

Happy Sunday. Lean back, relax, and try to forget that tomorrow is going to be awful. Hope this song helps with all three.


Mormon themed pop.

Alex Winston - Sister Wife

Very poppy and catchy, but very motivating for me to start writing an assignment before the weekend. (Who am I kidding).

In other news, the new National song stream at Some Kind of Awesome

And make sure you listen to this, cause its better than the first song in this post. Its amazing.

Purity Ring - Ungirthed

(Sorry the videos I post are so shit, but I'm too lazy to stream songs, embedding youtube clips are so much easier).

Also get the post title? Sister Wife and Purity Ring? Totes Mormon.


For some reason

This satisfies me for today.

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

Also this.

Life seems like such a flitting thing sometimes. I'm being so emo right now. Perdoname.


It's raining and I'm sad

Someone call the wah-mbulance. Or just listen to this song with me.

9.6 (Cover La bien querida) by losdenver


Makeout Mondays

We have so many themed days on the blog. It's like some sort of tacky college town bar up in here. I apologize. But I think you might like this one, readers. I think you might like this one a lot.

You thought you liked Simmerdown Sundays. You thought you loved Retro Wednesdays. But you haven't met Makeout Mondays yet.

And hopefully, it will make your whole week a lot more sexy.

The EBs have come together to offer you some advice on what music to make out to. Let's start with Katie alice Greer's suggestions. This is word for word, people.

i got this heavy metal compilation recently http://www.discogs.com/Various-Satan-Is-Real/release/2259300

i think it is real gr8 music for make-outs cause it takes yr tongue victim by pleasant surprise. like, if you put on al green or the song "sexual healing", the other person is gonna be like "fuck she's trying to make out with me" but if you put on this album it takes everyone's mind off the potentially thick humidity of sexual tension in the air. maybe yall can even have a convo about heavy metal or (what is likely) your lack of knowledge regarding this musical genre. then, when you're bored of talking, boom

i'd also recommend nina simone or "world music" compilations ("would you like to listen to this bolivian mountain music record with me while we sit on my bed & talk about current films")

**Editor's note: Bold parts were totally my choice. Those are the points I busted out laughing.

Hope you like the advice, readers.


Kisses - A Weekend In Brooklyn (:Kinema: Remix)

I have a few things to say. 1) Who puts colons around a band name? :Kinema:, apparently; 2) They can get away with this because they made a good remix; 3) Check it out below.

Kisses - A Weekend In Brooklyn (:Kinema: remix) by :kinema:


Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Acoustic Version)

This is beautiful and haunting and so like everything Lykke Li represents. But I am going to make one comment that ruins all of the ambiance.

Um, make out with me instead. GOSH.


I want to go to there

Why can't I buy this right now? Why??

Shelter (XX Cover) by moshi moshi music