Holy Mothereffing Ghost!

I saw Holy Ghost! last March when they opened for Cut Copy at 9:30 Club. At the time, Cut Copy's frontman Dan Whitford said this would be the last show that Holy Ghost! would ever be an opener for. They were destined to be headliners.

I couldn't agree more.

Holy Ghost! churns out electronic funk-inspired songs fit for even the pickiest of listeners. In their newest video, they collaborate with Michael McDonald (what the what??) and still make a beautiful (although short) go of it. Here's "Some Children" directed by lilfuchs and made for Adult Swim.

Holy Ghost! / Some Children By lilfuchs from DFA Records on Vimeo.



This is a bit of a turn for EB - the Dum Dum Girls song is more of a Simmerdown Sunday post but I'm pretty miserable working full time unpaid, so this song fits my mood.

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down.

And then I watch this video and I feel better. About everything.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show - Cleaning Up After Your Cat Part 2 from Aaron Kelly on Vimeo.


Is this like the poor man's Robyn?

Nice try, UK. Nice try. Sweden/Robyn win this round.


Bad on the Bottle

Bago AKA Lauren Severson is little known outside her LA streetwear circle. With a big voice and a psychedelic space rock beat, she brings electronics back to basics with this single. I dig it.
Photo Credit: Alexander Spit

Bad On The Bottle by AlexanderSpit