Cool video, but Santigold you sound more like M.I.A on this one. Right?

And I still like it.

Have you ever seen ms. Santigold live? Wicked cool. Her two back up dancers make her show, I literally could not take my eyes off them when I saw her. But that may have been cause the back up dancers were wearing some kind of amazing glitter gold jackets and I was at the point of the music festival where I was hallucinating. Fun times!

Lady Gaga diss in the video? Does she eat the gaga? I think so.

Santigold - Big Mouth.


So Bring It On, Bring On The Weekend

The sultry vocals of Elizabeth Harper of Class Actress breathlessly envelope this line 12 times in the aptly named "Weekend." It's insanely catchy. It also definitely makes me want the weekend. Right. Now. Why you gotta make it so hard on me, Class Actress?

Catch this remix below too. It makes things a little sexier. And a weekend can always be sexier.

Class Actress - Weekend (Casa del Mirto Mix) by Alcyoneslight


Dah Dah Dah

Awkward by San Cisco.

Not exactly the biggest electrobitches type song, but catchy and wicked fun. And its about a chic ditching a guy, so kinda bitchy. And its awkward, which is always my favourite.


Disco Cont'd

Also, cop this remix by Shook.

Jodie Marie - I Got You (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

Dance Like You've Never Danced Before

Or, you might have danced this way before, when the original video for "Maniac" from Flashdance came out in 1983. But whatever. Dance this way again with this amazing remake by Peaches and Moullinex.