Because I need this.

These are the kind of things that happen when no one posts in a while and then I think, well fuck it, I'm publishing something weird.

Not gonna lie, having a weird time at work these days. So I'm making an EARLY Retro Wednesday post so I can enjoy its lameness all day Wednesday.

Its really not that retro, and it has NOTHING to do with electrobitches. I mean, maybe you can count Miss Piggy as an electrobitch, so maybe I'll try and find a video of her before I press that orange button "PUBLISH POST".

Yeah, I'm talking about The Muppets.


Hungover before work? At work?

Wipe out last night? Totes.

This isnt really helping. But I do like it.

Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams Come True
Uploaded by jpdc11. - Explore more music videos.


Again. 50s style music.

I haven't posted here in a while. Mainly because I have been feeling like this recently:

But this song makes me smile because I'm having a 50's summer.

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes


Today's Retro Wednesday: Pain

I am on the rampage: I have decided that I really don't like our readers . Unfortunately, for you dear dear reader, this is the way of electrobitches. But maybe that's why you keep becoming back for more - the abuse. Today's punishment: Annie Lennox's Walking on Broken Glass.

It hurts so good.


KIDS. also music.


kdat + vokdat = ebpavokdat, where as: kdat = kids doing awesome thing; vokdat = video of kids doing awesome thing; and ebpavokdat = electrobitches post about video of kids doing awesome thing


I do not know how to actually write a mathematical equation. I only know how to write in acronyms. This is not a skill that requires any skill whatsoever. Also I stole this video from a facebook profile. I'm a waste.


Fever Ray Mondays. Bringing it Back.

Today is your lucky day, EBs. Or, I mean, just Dan really. Enjoy one and all this Fever Ray cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street.

Mercy Street by Fever Ray


MIXTAPE: for when you're buying socks

Montreal DJ CFCF is circling his mixtape, "Slow R&B for Zellers Locations Canada-Wide" around the tubes. It is exactly the schmaltzy gems you'd hear if you were stuck in some mostly-deserted, shabby department store searching for something lame like sensible shoes for work, except punched up a notch.

From  Exclaim.ca -- As the press release states, “The nearly 40 minute mix ... features department store-ready jams, sufficiently chopped and screwed. Synth stabs are funkier, snare drums are splashier, saxes are sexier and crooners are sultrier. The end product could very well be the lovechild of Freddie Jackson and the Knife.”

Zellers is a Canadian Department Store. In case you didn't "get it"

I love mood-mixtapes. I don't care what kind of mood you're going for, the weirder the better. It often gives a sense of purpose to music that might otherwise be ignored or discarded in the bargain bin at FYE.

Cheers, CFCF. Thanks 4 the jamz.

Anton The Lonley Russian Steampunk

and other people who probably read Electrobitches.

Learn and laugh more about Russia here.


A Lesson in Vocabulary

Buffalo Stance (n.) Dance move. To stand with your arms tightly crossed looking over to the side at somebody. This comes from the pose struck by Bruce Smith of the Buffalo Bills in the late 1980's.

See also. Song by Neneh Cherry "Buffalo Stance" that "pushes the delusion that a beautiful woman will choose a sincere man of modest means over a shallow rich man (with all other attributes being equal)."


Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance (1989)
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Buffalo Stance Remix (n.) Song by Buraka Som Sistema.

See also.


We run away but we don't know why

This post is technically about a really great song. But before I get to that, I want to get all philosophical and shit. Ha ha ha, you’re going to have to read (um, scroll through) all this crap before your ears are pleasured. We here at Electrobitches have never liked our readers. I intend to uphold this tradition.



I am a follower. But only with good reason. Just discovered Trophy Wife via The Recommender. Such good stuff that I had to share it with you all. Enough researching/stalking got me a bit further with two tracks. Just for you. Enjoy.

Trophy Wife - Take This Night by 1FTP

Trophy Wife - Microlite by NotManyExperts


Exploring the Intertubes: Blog Round Up Edition

Friday is such a good day for so many reasons. End of the work week. First night to get shitty and not worry about waking up. Good music on blogs. Some of my favorite blogs have put up some great tracks today. Check them out.

Pretty Much Amazing

Mark Ronson and The Business INTL – Lose It (In The End) feat. Ghostface Killah
Mark Ronson - 'Lose It (In The End)' by nmemagazine

Beezo Blog

DJ Cal vs Hjm - Girls Don’t Like Electronic Music (Morgan & Bland Remix)

Scottish Friction

Gold Panda - Snow & Taxis
Snow & Taxis by Gold Panda

Too Many Sebastians

Edwin Van Cleef – August Chart Mix 2010
Edwin Van Cleef - August Chart Mix 2010 by Edwin van Cleef

Tracklisting –
Morcheeba – Even Though (Mustang Remix)
Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Nacho Marco Remix)
Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Cassian Remix)
Poka – 99 Style
Human Life – In It Together
Housse De Racket – Champions (Edwin van Cleef Remix)
The Count & Sinden – After Dark
Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You (Edwin van Cleef Remix)
Axwell – Nothing But Love (Remode)
Albin Myers – There 4 U (Myback Remix)

Hope this makes Friday an even better day for you.


Laurel Halo

If you're trying to put the finishing touches on your "Songs To Rollerskate Underwater To" mixtape,  I gotta GREAT track for you.

Laurel Halo - Supersymmetry

Like it? Love it? Get the rest of the King Felix EP for free  right here .

Retro Wednesday: Epileptic Fit Edition

If you expected something warm and familiar this Retro Wednesday, boy are you wrong and in for a surprise. If you either 1) are from the 60s or 2) recently watched Ghost World (as I have) then just stuff it.

All others, prepare to be amazed.

New quest of the day: dance like that next time you go out.

Hearts and Ears

Currently winning me over remix by remix is Paris' Breakbot. He's been on the scene a fair bit of time and we've already fallen in love with his "I'm Yours" song and video.

Although circa 2008, his remix of Van She's "Kelly" has taken new meaning with this fan made video.

I consider it an homage to the Rog's current musical mood from the 50s & 60s, with a bit of that electro that electrobitches like so much. Ah, there, a nice easy medium to make everybody happy. Or at least try to.

Breakbot also had a chat with Dummy, where he listed his top 5 favorite songs to listen to. It was enlightening.

The songs in question were:

Nuggets - New York

Mickey Moonlight - Pelu Tolo

Eli Escobar - Love Thing (MJ Mehdi Remix)

(OK, so this isn't the remix. But if you want to hear it, go here.)

Rubix - Baiser Sur La Disco

Surkin - Fan Out

You can see why we love him. Enjoy.


oh Canada

After spending my Friday night with all these other kids from DC and Baltimore at Merriweather experiencing The Arcade Fire, I've been trying to find other aces that are new (for me) from Canada.

So far...um...I've found this video that I like.

Jaded Hipster Choir (terrible name for a band, but whatever) - Flood of Light

And I think this is fun slash the Canandian version of Dizzee Rascal. Try not to make it to the end of the song when they start shouting "And we all do acid". Thats weird.

Shout Out Out Out - Coming Home

Sorry I didnt mention Nickelback during my Canadian post even though we all know they are the best Canadian band out there.... AHAHA terrible Tuesday humour.


Simmerdown Sunday: Fancy Hat Edition

Musicians have so many expensive temptations these days- better and better recording equipment, high class prostitutes, gold-plated cocaine, and so on. Fortunately, members of England's Empire of the Sun remember their roots, and have taken their sun-soaked electronica back to the core essentials- batshit headgear.


Block Party Highlights

I was recently lucky enough to attend Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party. Headliners were predictable (blew chunks): MGMT (suck) and The Deadweather (AKA the Jack White Show). But there were some seriously awesome small-scale shows that were totally worth the 3-day pass (only $60.00; a steal!).


Seattle-based hip-hop band Champagne Champagne with tracks like Molly Ringwald and this one, Soda and Poprocks. They were hella worth the sweaty mess-hole they played in.

Also rocking hard was the east-coast dream pop band Happy Birthday. These guys were straight grime and grease but so fucking angelic it was hard not to love them. They play this great, super catchy beach boys meets pop-punky awesomeness. Lovely summer jam.

Another show I could not complete this highlight reel without mentioning is the Seattle-based Feral Children. Jesus. This was by-far one of the best small-scale shows I have ever been to. They probably played around 4pm in the dingy basement of a hipster-full bar called the CHA CHA. It was hot, steamy, sweaty, and AWESOME! They rocked. They rocked so hard.

Enjoy. If you like black/ death metal... Check out the Seattle-based group Book of Black Earth. Also put on an intense and impressive show.

Introducing: Eric Sharp

We got sent this track about a month ago by Eric Sharp and Rock It Science Lab's PR Team. Sorry it's taken so long to upload. When we say "We're Always Listening" we mean every once in a while. Sorry, kids. Anyway. Here it is.

Groove Armada - Paper Romance (Eric Sharp Remix)

It's pretty good. And it got me thinking: how many other Groove Armada - Paper Romance remixes are out there. According to SoundCloud, a lot.

Some are more mellow. 80s-tinged even.
Groove Armada - Paper Romance (Classixx Remix) by soundbleed

Some are more robotic.
Groove Armada - Paper Romance - (Softwar Remix) by warmhq

Some are just plain fun.
Groove Armada - Paper Romance (Urchins) (DJ Ark Rerub) - 2010 by DJ Ark

Whatever their composition, it's like Pokemon: Collect them all!


We Be Crushin': Lovefoxxx

Duh. I am obsessed. We (read: I) have written many posts about the gorgeous Lovefoxxx. She has her own tag on the blog. I mean, really, what's not to love? Har har.

The style.
She made her own shoe, for fuxxx's sake.

The attitude.My god, who else could pull of a one piece with a face on it?

The face. Half Japanese represent!HOLLER!

(and half pirate. maybe.)
And, of course, the distinct voice.

Nightcall (Breakbot remix) by Kavinsky

I Wanna Be Your JLo - CSS (Sleater Kinney/JLo cover)
(I don't care if the rest of you EBs don't like this song. Suck it.)

And then I ripped off an entire post

Let's do this. I am ripping off an entire post from nonacienmanchester and I don't care. Well, I do. As my lede attests. However, I don't consider this plagiarism exactly. Duh. The original post is in Spanish, so let's just go with this: I'm translating. Bridging the divides of language. Plus, these songs are just too good to ignore.

As one friend once said: THIS IS HAPPENING!

Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)

Monarchy – Love Get Out Of My Way (Treasure Fingers Remix)

James Curd – Back Off Move Away (Treasure Fingers Remix)


This is the worst post I've ever done.

Just this.

Oh em gee guys we should totally put this on the mixtape?! Shake ya bum bum.


Sonic Beach Vacays on the "W-W-W"

(That's "World Wide Web" for all you scuttlebutts who don't get out much-
Ever heard of it)

I think there might be a secret "underground" cult of loosely-themed vintage beach getaway music blogs on the web.
via Get Off The Coast

I discovered a few early this morning, they seem to post new & old indie-ish dreamy pop that often sounds like it was recorded under the influence of warm weather & summer vacation.
No Resort (who here have posted a video of the 1994-(but-1960s-garage-rock-sounding) Folk Implosion gem 'Slap Me') - This blog is not in English. Don't let it stop you.

Get Off The Coast posted the song 'Baltimore' by the band Tennis.
Haunting, echoey female vocals & fuzzy guitar chords... I am a sucker for this kind of pop).


Clive Tanaka y su orquesta sent a tape to (friend of the EB blog) Laura (Of Miami) and she kinda geeked about it because
A) most people send her shit music on CDs
B) Beyond the aquamarine cassette tape itself, the packaging was apparently intricate & incredible.

"The whole thing kept getting better as I opened the box, the tape itself looked like something from 1987 and then the music...good stuff [...] the whole experience was fantastic." From one of Laura's blogs, Nightdrive

You can order the original tape from Clive's website, but some mp3s are floating around the web. This is my favorite. It's like I'm listening to a my 1992 family vacation on Sanibel Island.
Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - Neu Chicago

Finally, I leave you with a band that is new to me but perhaps not many others. Best Coast is catchy tunes and lyrics that sound like the love-lorn teenage hopelessness of 50s & 60s girl groups.

A very dear friend played me this fan-made video over the weekend. We decided it is one of the best fan-made music videos since Arcade Fire's My Body Is A Cage (which is, perhaps, the very best).

Until next time: get bent wait i meant "surf's up" or something retarded like that



Because this has to be real:

Apparently Tina Fey's first commercial in the 90s. And it is amazing.

Mutual Savings Bank - "Hi!" - Featuring Tina Fey from Purple Onion Films on Vimeo.

All I can hope is that they were listening to this 90's gem on set (Oh, Heart, your lyrics are so powerful)



Lets have some fun.

Ah Sunday, a lazy but somewhat troubling day. The sweet enjoyment of lethargy in combination with the bitter knowledge of the upcoming work week can screw you up. Suddenly, everything is about doing laundry and getting ready for tomorrow. Well I say FUCK THAT SHIT. I say lets go gallivanting with space pirates, dance with Pharaohs, and have fucking fun (OK, maybe just the last part). To help, watch Ronald Jenkees have a ball with his keyboard. His attitude infectious, but not more than this ridiculous track.