MIXTAPE: for when you're buying socks

Montreal DJ CFCF is circling his mixtape, "Slow R&B for Zellers Locations Canada-Wide" around the tubes. It is exactly the schmaltzy gems you'd hear if you were stuck in some mostly-deserted, shabby department store searching for something lame like sensible shoes for work, except punched up a notch.

From  Exclaim.ca -- As the press release states, “The nearly 40 minute mix ... features department store-ready jams, sufficiently chopped and screwed. Synth stabs are funkier, snare drums are splashier, saxes are sexier and crooners are sultrier. The end product could very well be the lovechild of Freddie Jackson and the Knife.”

Zellers is a Canadian Department Store. In case you didn't "get it"

I love mood-mixtapes. I don't care what kind of mood you're going for, the weirder the better. It often gives a sense of purpose to music that might otherwise be ignored or discarded in the bargain bin at FYE.

Cheers, CFCF. Thanks 4 the jamz.

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