Because I need this.

These are the kind of things that happen when no one posts in a while and then I think, well fuck it, I'm publishing something weird.

Not gonna lie, having a weird time at work these days. So I'm making an EARLY Retro Wednesday post so I can enjoy its lameness all day Wednesday.

Its really not that retro, and it has NOTHING to do with electrobitches. I mean, maybe you can count Miss Piggy as an electrobitch, so maybe I'll try and find a video of her before I press that orange button "PUBLISH POST".

Yeah, I'm talking about The Muppets.

First thing I want to post is the best character. Swedish Chef.

And then the song thats going to get me through Wednesday:

R.E.M - Happy Fury Monsters

Funny R.E.M ft. The Muppet Show - Happy Fury Monsters

Danny | MySpace Video

My favorite reference to the Muppets in pop culture

And finally, two of the best sum up how I feel about every post I have ever done.

Yeah, I didnt look for a video of Miss Piggy.

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