Block Party Highlights

I was recently lucky enough to attend Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party. Headliners were predictable (blew chunks): MGMT (suck) and The Deadweather (AKA the Jack White Show). But there were some seriously awesome small-scale shows that were totally worth the 3-day pass (only $60.00; a steal!).


Seattle-based hip-hop band Champagne Champagne with tracks like Molly Ringwald and this one, Soda and Poprocks. They were hella worth the sweaty mess-hole they played in.

Also rocking hard was the east-coast dream pop band Happy Birthday. These guys were straight grime and grease but so fucking angelic it was hard not to love them. They play this great, super catchy beach boys meets pop-punky awesomeness. Lovely summer jam.

Another show I could not complete this highlight reel without mentioning is the Seattle-based Feral Children. Jesus. This was by-far one of the best small-scale shows I have ever been to. They probably played around 4pm in the dingy basement of a hipster-full bar called the CHA CHA. It was hot, steamy, sweaty, and AWESOME! They rocked. They rocked so hard.

Enjoy. If you like black/ death metal... Check out the Seattle-based group Book of Black Earth. Also put on an intense and impressive show.

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