We Be Crushin': Lovefoxxx

Duh. I am obsessed. We (read: I) have written many posts about the gorgeous Lovefoxxx. She has her own tag on the blog. I mean, really, what's not to love? Har har.

The style.
She made her own shoe, for fuxxx's sake.

The attitude.My god, who else could pull of a one piece with a face on it?

The face. Half Japanese represent!HOLLER!

(and half pirate. maybe.)
And, of course, the distinct voice.

Nightcall (Breakbot remix) by Kavinsky

I Wanna Be Your JLo - CSS (Sleater Kinney/JLo cover)
(I don't care if the rest of you EBs don't like this song. Suck it.)


  1. i liked the song OK.

    and i liked the post.

  2. Anonymous2/9/10

    you know there's even a lovesong to her: