Friday. Around the Interwebs.

Its Spring. So baby lets get married.

Make sure you pic a good mate.

Protect yourself from the bird flu.

Take some good pics of the groom's party. Bro's 4 lyfe.

Make sure you remember to invite your secret ninja cousin.

And your favorite pet.

And those kids you met while at Harry Potter summer camp

Probably most importantly: decide if you want a theme wedding.

And your wedding song:

And finally, make sure those relatives go out of control.

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Darn I Missed Them: Two Door Cinema Club

We're the coolest people you've ever met on the internet. We know this. We are electrobitches. But even we can't do every drug, make out with every lead singer, see every show. So now we will present, whenever we feel like it, Darn I Missed Them, a collection of bands who played in the District without us being there.

Bright, shiny electro with an ever so slight afropop influence, Two Door Cinema Club* played in DC recently, opening for Phoenix at the DAR. Since Phoenix has been sold out since the dawn of time, I missed them. But try to listen to this and not smile.

*what a great name, am I right?

Brazil on my Mind

I am obsessed. It's official. I can't decide if it's because Portuguese is such a sexy language or because Brazilians are so freaking weird. I have an inkling it's a little of both, but mostly the latter. Case in point: CSS' blog.

If you want a daily dose of weird that's the place to go. I honestly think it's weird in a good way. I especially like Lovefoxxx's (of course) posts. This one about the suitcase gets me every time.

OK, forget all of the above babble. That was really just a tangent I swerved off on. The real reason I'm writing is because I found the song "Pela'o" (Crookers Remix) by Isa and a video to match. It's pretty good. I really only like it because it's Brazilian. You can judge for yourself too.

(Another side note: I found it by going to Marina Gasolina's blog from CSS'...and now it's more obvious how my brain works. What's on my mindgrapes!)

Isa GT "Pela´o" (Crookers Remix) from Man Recordings on Vimeo.


Vintage blogs 4 U

A history lesson: blogs back in time

These savvy magoos didn't let their lack of internet keep THEM from expressing their creativity. Media, or, the ways in which people got their info back then, were often called:
1) TV shows
2) "Magazines"
3) Radio
4) Glenn Danzig

+ A clip from "Flashez", a teen-oriented TV show which aired in Australia from 1976-1977. Old-time wannabe blogger interviewing the infamous creators of Punk Magazine-- Legs McNeil & John Holmstrom.
discovered at Aquarium Drunkard

+ Another wannabe blogger, Glenn Danzig, who is not famous for anything besides trying to get famous on the Weblogs. He tried hard but the internet simply did not exist back then! Here he is doing a sort of "book-blog" entry:

+Best for last: A maybe-stoned Patti Smith & some of her posse goofing around and bothering the crap out of a German interviewer from Rockpalast:

Mid Week 80's - Grace Jones

Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm
Uploaded by Grace-Jones. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

I think its about time we posted Grace Jones for Retro Wednesdays. She is awesome and owns her stuff, and if anyone has an electrobitch attitude, it would be Grace Jones. Even at her age now she is still looking fierce and kicking ass.

This video is from 1985. Mid-80s for our mid-week 80's fix. Win.


How to brood/ Here is what is wrong with iPod shuffle:


This is the addition where we here at EB help you, the reader, with a music-related problem you may be having.

Here is the problem with iPod shuffle:

(You can hit the play button on the video after the jump & continue reading)

The Twelves Rule My World

The Twelves make my days better. Specifically, my work days. Lately I have been listening to their BBC1 Essential Mix to make my work load more bearable. So far it not only makes my work day bearable, but also much more dance worthy (Life as a Remix instead of a Musical?). I dare you to put this on and not move. Cubicles beware around the 33, 40, and 70 minute mark.

The Twelves: Essential Mix-SAT-12-18-2009bymononnm

Also a heads up: The Twelves will be gracing the infamous NYC Santos Party House with their presence on Thursday, April 29. I want you to be there so bad.


LCD Soundsystem Being Remixed Already

You know things have gotten epic for LCD Soundsystem if they haven't even released their newest album in its entirety and one of its songs has already been remixed. It's especially epic if the mix is good. Behold:

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix)

Born Free Video

The other day I posted the new single Born Free from M.I.A., well here is the video.

There is some violence and drug use, sex and nudity.

Holy crap. She is sending a message. A ginger - filled message.
A war on wrangers.

First Listen

The New Pornographers latest CD Together is officially released next week, but you can listen to the full album right now at NPR

The album is what you would expect from the gang, and I'm excited to sink my teeth into the new jams. So enjoy.

Thanks to Elise for the tip!


Relajate con Simmerdown Sundays

Since Dan creamed his pants over Hello Seahorse last Sunday, I thought we could post another of their songs to bring back pleasure to him and the masses.

Hello Seahorse - Criminal

I thought we could also enjoy some of the other Latin American artists I have come to know and love. Take, for instance, Teleradio Donoso. Perfect for a lazy Sunday. Especially if you're dreaming of a far away world with better weather.

Teleradio Donoso - Gran Santiago

A little less simmerdown and a little more upbeat, Babasonicos bring Argentine pop fun to the fore. This song's older, but still good.

Babasonicos - Carismatico


Liveblogging: Elecktroids

Friday, 1:06pm

Hello my little electronic shish kabobs.

How are you today?


I'm feeling rather frisky, so I'm going to try a little experiment where I listen to a brand new [Post-Experiment Note: brand new meaning it is brand new to me] album I don't know anything about and give you, the reader, a most powerful blow-by-blow account of this music in REAL TIME, so that you too can vicariously experience what could potentially be the biggest waste of time or a mo
ment I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. Because maybe this new album will change my life, you know? I certainly don't know. I'm picking something I know absolutely nothing about, based solely on shallow attributes like sweet cover artwork and a cool/interesting name.

Kay, so I was reading a list called "The Essential... Drexciya", I"m assuming Drexciya put together a list of favorite albums, but I HAVE NO IDEA BECAUSE I DID NOT READ THE LIST.[Post-Experiment Note: This is actually a list of works known to be created by James Stinson & Gerald Donald BEFORE they were known as Drexciya! Cool! Read it here] I merely scanned down the page until I found the coolest-looking album:

SHA-BAM!!!! How could I not live-blog this album for you, gentle reader?

It's called "Elektroworld". I think this is a sign.

Hungover? Try Moby.

BORF. I kind of feel like death. Note to self: never drink gin on an empty stomach. Or maybe that's never drink gin, ever? No doubt my memories will slowly return (via angry/worried phone calls), but until then, music will be my savior. When it's Cold I'd Like to Die is somewhat slow and somewhat depressing; perfectly capturing the whole "I want to die, why won't my head stop hurting?" mood that is the hangover. I hope you enjoy it, even if you're not hungover.


Earth Day

Um it was yesterday, and celebration is on Sunday here in DC. But chances are I won't remember to post on Sunday like I didn't yesterday, so enjoy this winning rap video about the environment and Earth Day.


See Queen Latifah and Will Smith among and my personal favorite, Coco's man - Ice T.


Check out This is Photobomb to pass the last couple hours of work before you get your drink on.

Meanwhile, meet Sharon Stzelecki.

She is the tragic second best friend of Kim, on the Australian show Kath&Kim. And while I appreciate the show itself, the highlight moments always include tragic Sharon. And clearly, she would encourage any terrible behaviour that you want to get up to this weekend.

Look at her enthusiastic thumbs up. Champ.


Yesterday I told my story about seeing the M.I.A. blimp at Coachella, well today we've got the new single!

M.I.A. - Born Free

Its running with the lo-fi trend, and I am missing the hard beats we are used to hearing from M.I.A., but either way, I'm excited to see where this single and her new album will be taking us.

Since it is a leak, the song has been taken down from SoundCloud and some other sources, so lets hope this youtube link sticks around to get a couple of listens in.

Songs for your (my) Weekend

Props to my roommate John, who has amazing taste in music, for playing this last night, not knowing I was going to steal it from him this morning.

This is an amazing song, I can not recommend it more. It. is. fucking. awesome.

Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking

And for any raves you might attend:

Yolanda Be Cool - We Speak No Americano

And for new music from a great group:

Crystal Castles - Celestica



Wait, are we having a worst movie off?

Oh hell no. You did not just try to one up me in a horrid trailers contest, previous poster. That was pretty good, but I'd argue it had some self-awareness to it. Check out this bad boy and WEEP

"Daddy, I'm so scared."

This is completely unrelated

But this has to be. the. worst. movie. ever. made.



And in case you were wondering - that is a direct quote from the movie.

What makes me so sad about this whole thing is one chic from my fav TV show Buffy is in the movie. Come on, pull it together girl.

In Blimp News

Ok. So I had been suffering from heat stroke for about six hours (thank you Deer Tick for ruining my first day of Coachella) and I had managed to pull through to see Jay-Z blow up the main stage.

Out of the corner of my eye, I look up and see a BLIMP with the message.

M.I.A New Album 6.9.10.

And then the dates of her New York and LA shows.

Really? Hiring a Blimp during Jay-Z's performance at Coachella? Interesting choice, M.I.A.

Either way, I'm ready. M.I.A. Bring me a single. Throw me an album.

Um, does anyone remember when she said she was going to retire?

Star Fuck Me? Star Fuck you.

I was talking to my chum, Sam Goldstein, and he told me a very interesting theory about the band starfucker. He then told me that he did not write for electrobitches. I then told him to continue talking, while I took notes. For you dear, dear reader, I am willing to plagiarize. I know the internet has time-honored codes that have never been broken ever regarding the subject, but I must break them to share this amazing discovery! Praise be to Science!

OK, long story short, Starfucker (now known as pyramidd, which would be a great name if your name didn't used to be starfucker) can sound freakishly similar to Ratatat. Except starfucker understands that lyrics - even if you can't fully understand them or if they are deceptively simple/repetitive - can add to a song tremendously.

Case in point - German Love. The beginning smacks you with a little Ratatat, and then once the words come in (which consist only of "German Love, I want to give it to you. She won't have a thing to do with me"), you off to another, wonderful place. Listen and enjoy, and try not to dance.


Mid Weeks 80s says: I like turtles.

Art of Noise. Moments in Love. Because nothing says sexy like masks and turtles.


I like to shoplift to synths. It's fun!

So although this should be posted on a "Retro Wednesday", it's getting posted on Monday because this is information I wanted you to know as soon as possible.

Hello all 5 or 7 of you who read these things I have to say (I think I may be overestimating).

I was thinking about you while I was in the supermarket the other day. Here is a tip for you if you find yourself in a supermarket sometime soon and you are a poor college student (or some other type of poor person): the first thing you should do is scoop yourself a big bag of chocolate covered peanuts from the bulk candy bins. Do not tie up the bag. Now, continue your grocery shopping (at a very slow pace) and very surreptitiously, you can eat these chocolate covered peanuts while you shop. Free candy.

Anyway, here is a great track for you to listen to while grocery shopping and candy-stealing:

Yazoo was a UK band that actually went by “Yaz” in the US. Why? Because when they made their first foray into the US music market there was already another band called Yazoo and they were all like aw hell no. Change that name.

(btw: does anyone know anything about this other alleged “yazoo” band anymore? No.)

Anyway, Yazoo was a duo made up of Alison Moyet and her ridiculous bluesy-sexy-but-manly vocals and Vince Clarke. Vince was ORIGINALLY in Depeche Mode. After he and Alison were done with Yazoo he formed Erasure. go vince go.

There's a lot more I could aimlessly ramble on about regarding this track and how many artists/poptarts have heard this song and been inspired to either create music or rip off portions of this track. there was a very obscure song in the 90s called "the macarena", for example.

*****alert/note: ****** EB does not endorse shoplifting


Simmerdown Sundays: Hello Seahorse!

Today is a little cold and dreary around these parts. I just want to curl up and enjoy a hot cup of tea and maybe write an electrobitches' blog post. Done and done. Hello Seahorse!'s "Despues" fits nicely with my Sunday decompression.

Check it


Origin Stories: Janelle Monae

So, where do these electrobitches come from? Let's find out!

Setting: London!

La Roux: Whew! I love my job, but my-oh-my can it be exhausting. I think I'll stay in tonight. Nothing but the The Mighty Boosh and Skins for tonight. I'll order some pizza and make a night of it.

(door rings)

La Roux: Now who on bloody earth could that be? (opens door)

James Brown: Have mercy on me!

La Roux: But you're supposed to be dead!

James Brown: La Roux, there's no time for that. I've traveled through time from 1962, because I need something from you. I need an heir!

La Roux: What?? There are too many questions here. You've just bloody traveled through time, know who I am, and now you're demanding we have sex?? And that I get pregnant?!?! This is insane!

James Brown: (sings "Please Please Please")

La Roux: Oh, fine then.

(They have beautiful, beautiful sex)



tomorrow is a holiday






That's right, gentle reader!

it is tomorrow.

this is an almost official holiday in the US + UK so for all of our readers in Namibia, Thailand etc, sorry.

are you confused about how to celebrate, little electro girl or boy?

well that's easy! simply find your nearest independently owned record shop and loiter around the premises, mumbling your kool blog's URL over and over again until you are certain at least one record shop peruse-r has heard you and will certainly check it out.

or you could purchase one of many special record store day reissues and releases. jimi hendrix is coming back from the dead to release something on Legacy under the half-assed pseudonym "zombie hendrix". you can't fool us, jim.

if you would like to check out a full list of other releases coming out for Record Store Day 2010, i would suggest you visit the Record Store Day website where you can get a PDF list.

happy blog-hawking.

(***juice newton is not releasing anything for record store day.)

We enjoy stalking Children

Its true, we here at electrobitches have certain knack for locating "future awesome adults". We also love beach house. So what do you get when you put our two (out of many) loves together?

Pure win.


YouTube = Black Hole

Seriously. Hours upon hours have been lost in the vortex known as YouTube. Sometimes it's heinous, sometimes it's awesome. This is a case of awesome: I stumbled across a user channel that has pretty decent electronic music. Though, as is the case with most subjective tastes, there are some great tracks and some not-so-great ones. But never fear, I've picked out a few tasty morsels for you.

N.A.S.A - Wachadoin (Feat Santogold, M.I.A & Spankrock)

Miike Snow - Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Feist - I Feel it all (Diplo remix)

Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Tits and Clits Remix Edit)

Justice - Ttthhee Party (live)

I do and don't suggest downloading these songs through, say, a YouTube to MP3 converter. But support the artist and all that.


SWF ISO Soulmate

If you didn't understand the title of this post, neither did I. I had to look up shorthand for personal ads to write it. Low moment, I know. But also a high moment, because if the paragraph below doesn't sound like a personal ad you'd want to answer then just go fuck yourself.
Annie currently lives in Berlin. She owned a cat named Joey, whom she named after both Joey Ramone and Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block. Joey died on 29 January 2010. Annie is an avid reader and follows global politics. She is friends with musician Peaches. Her musical influences include Madonna, Saint Etienne, Pet Shop Boys, and Kate Bush. Annie considers herself to be a perfectionist. She has a green belt in karate.
The friends with Peaches part is what really sealed the deal for me.

"Annie" is a Norwegian pop artist whose real name is Anne Lilia Berge Strand. That description of her comes from her personal section in Wikipedia. Epic.

I ended up stalking her after hearing her song "Antonio" remixed by Designer Drugs. See a fan's homemade video below:

Enjoy Annie's music and...personality.

Mid-Week 80s. Also known as Retro Wednesdays.

Devo. Because they are playing at Coachella and I've already crapped on about how much I love Gary Numan. (Both are playing. Love it).

Remember when Devo played at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games? Yeah, neither do I.

Seriously watch this video just for the glory of 80's graphics. We are almost on par with that talent with the construction of this blog. ZING.

Devo - Monogoloid.

Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Yeah, I didn't post Whip It. I instead posted a song called Mongoloid when I work at a disability non profit. Lose.

Elly Dub Step

Just because I like the break down of this song, and I haven't posted anything on La Roux for a while, this is today's post. The song takes a while to pick up, but it's great version of La Roux's first single In For the Kill. Really I should be listening to this on some great speakers and not on my crappy 2001 Dell at work.


LCD Soundsystem is the only new music ever coming out ever.

!@#$%!@#$%%!@#MORE STUFF ABOUT NEW MUSIK!@#$%#$%!@#$%!@#$%

I bet all you think about these days is how you just can't wait for the new LCD Soundsystem album to come out cuz you're like the biggest LCD fan and omg its gonna be epic and klgdsfjha blah blah blah blah --yeah me too. Whatever.

So here's something to take your mind off that obsession while simultaneously furthering it!

The Ascension, Glenn Branca's 2nd album, came out in 1981. It was reissued in 2003 and is such a big deal that it's gonna be reissued AGAIN this month by Fortissimo Records on white vinyl. Dope.

So here's the LCD tie-in: Album artwork for This Is Happening was inspired by The Ascension.

GET IT?!?!???????!

The Original artwork from The Ascension was created by Robert Longo.

The Ascension's reissue is being limited to 1,000 copies, so I really doubt you or I will get our hands on this gem of a record. Please enjoy a track from the album instead, brought to you by YouTube & one of its users who had the genius idea to add weird film footage from some psycho little British horror short.

for more on this newsworthy topic visit FactMagazine


New Music Monday?

I realize that we have a feature called "New Music Tuesday," not Monday. However, this gem came out today, which is incidentally Monday. I also don't mind because New Music Monday is totally alliteration and I totally love it.

Check out LCD Soundsystem's newest leak "Dance Yrself Clean." It has all of LCD Soundsystem's classic trademarks - fun, danceable, electronic background beats, strong vocals, and an impossibly twisting format. It also weighs in at 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Experience it in all of its greatness here:

How Glass Candy reminds me of Roxy Music

This post is written specifically with another one of our EB contributors in mind, a certain Daniel J. Hopkins. Dan's taste in music is hard for me to articulate, but sometimes I hear things and realize that Dan would LOVE this. I think this is one of those instances.

Glass Candy - 'Feeling Without Touching' from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.

Glass Candy have been making music for a while now, but this is their first music video. The way Ida No sings and moves around reminds me of Brian Ferry in an abstract kind of way. There is a similarity in the way they use their voices and the way they present themselves.

Here is Roxy Music performing on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Don't be alarmed- first minute or so of the video is some dude talking about how crazy it seemed when Roxy Music first came on the rock scene. Sets the stage well. Everyone, including Bryan, looks and sounds like a bad ass in this video. Take special note of Eno creeping/rocking out in the background in what appears to be the GREATEST silver shag jacket ever.

Thanks, Ida + Bryan.

Enjoy the videos.


Hungover? Try Disney.

The hangover, the ultimate price for a night electro-bitching. It is tough to find music for this very special (read: miserable) experience. But I've got a neat trick for you: try watching this video, which appears to be designed by bizarro Walt Disney.

Even the images can calm the most upset stomach (not actually true).


EBs on the Intertubes

I can't help myself, and this is how I want to spend my weekends: hanging out with this kid.

I love how he performs the dance in his pj's. Clearly he has been practising this for months and that bitch holding the camera needs to shut up and let the little genius do his work.

Also, ignore my creepy obsession with kids performing on youtube. First the YACHT kid and now this one? Really? He needs to learn some music choice from the that girl, but this kid has the best style and moves I've seen in a long time.


Happy Friday Bitches.

Check out Dads Being Funny to pass the hours at work until its time to leave and get drunk with these guys:

and if you don't know me: don't picture this is how I look when I blog.



via (not safe for work)

Video Extreme.

I like this video. A lot.

Rye Rye

You've probably heard Rye Rye's song Bang featuring M.I.A and this chic made a splash at SXSW this year and will hopefully be playing at a place you frequent soon. Below is a non-video but song post of her song Hardcore Girls.

I figured it went well with a site called electrobitches. Having the word bitch in our title might give off some impression we are hard core.


Ah it is April 9th so I want to say a big

Happy Birthday

to our fellow electrobitch, Miss Lindsay Glade-Massara

Hope you enjoy some cheap red wine and make this face again:

Or wake up tomorrow and not remember where you spent all your money, or how much money you spent.

And more than anything, I think we all hope you are wearing a Bird from Target in your hair.

Happy Birthday Glade. Have an amazing day, and be ready to get your ass kicked by coachella next week.


Lost and Found

The year is 2004. Yours truly is going to Scotland for study abroad because the Beta Band had just released a new album, and I wanted a chance to see them live. Not the best of reasons I know, but hey, I was young and stupid. Right before I arrived, the Beta Band broke up. Cue montage of a young electrobitch roaming the Scottish moorland to depressing music.

The year is 2006. The former lead singer of the beta band, Steve Mason, was producing some sick tunes under the guise of King Biscuit Time. Just as his sound was maturing, Mr. Manson legit disappears. From the Guardian:

"By the time I had returned home to write up the interview, the Fife-born singer had disappeared. A tour had to be cancelled. For two weeks, Neither McGee nor Mason's friends had any idea where he was. All they had to go on was a cryptic message left on his MySpace page: "I've had enough. Over and out." It read like a suicide note."

Cue montage of a less-young electrobitch roaming the District to really depressing music.

The year is 2010. Steve Mason returns, and is better than ever. Who says "antidepressants and gruelling six-hour sessions of hypnotherapy" never helped anybody!

Cue montage of an, um, lets call it "seasoned" electrobitch roaming the District to Lost and Found, Steve Mason's latest single. I'm loving every second, and hope you do too.

Javelin: into loving, not fighting. but maybe "rumbling"

Javelin is on tour with Yeasayer. No Más, their new album, just came out this week!

So in honor of that occasion we had a quick chat about hypothetical gangs, challenging those in your debt to T&F competitions, and people with cool names who aren't really all that cool.


ELECTROBITCHES: I read in another recent interview with you guys that at this point in the tour you're pretty sure Yeasayer owes you some money. Who else owes $$ right now?

JAVELIN: Everybody's paid up. Lucky them...

EB: Yeah, seriously. But what if somebody did? Would you ever consider hiring a hitman/hitwoman to take care of business like this? In general, would you consider hiring either a hitwoman or a hitman?

J: Hitwoman. But it would be a fake out- she'd turn out to be hilarious and use her charms to get what's ours.

EB: Do you think you'd use a javelin as some sort of threatening device to get your $$$ back or would that be too clichéd what with the band name and all?

J: We're not threatening people. We might switch it up and put it to a track and field test of ability, though. Either way,[still] too clichéd. Maybe we should just talk things out. It's getting warm in here.

EB: Have you ever considered being a band/slash/gang that uses javelins as weapons? Or maybe doesn't use weapons... what kind of gang would you be?

J: The gang in [the movie] The Warriors with the overalls and skates is the scariest ever. Gangs that "rumble" are pretty good. Pre-guns, "Leader of The Pack" stuff...

EB: The Shangri-Las would've made for a deceptively great gang. Ok, last question is very important--Is Juice Newton quite possibly the most disappointing musical artist of all time because she has such an awesome name and such lame-ass songs like "Angel of the Morning"?

J: Yeah, she could have been an electro power house. We're continually disappointed by the lack of 808s in her jams.

Watch juice newton lame it up in "angel of the morning" here:
(btw does it NOT sound like she's saying 'just brush my teeth before you leave'?????!!)


This is my favorite track off
No Más. Great for the playlist you have on your ipod that you listen to when you're walking around in public and you feel like walk-dancing. or dance-walking. (Really great for head-bopping and/or other kinds of mild dancing on escalators in the metro, for example).


Visit From Flo.

Florence and the Machine. Last night.

Their show at the 930 club was so good and I was so excited and happy my jaw hurt from grinning like an idiot all night. Also, my friend happily pointed out I managed to fog up my glasses because I was sweating so much. Gross.

But seriously, Florence Welch rocked that show. Opened with my personal favorite Howl, and killed it. Followed with her punk(ish) Kiss With a Fist, and ended the night with Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). Killed it, hit every god damn note.

Great show. Filled with strong percussion, and an even stronger voice. Go see them. If anything, go to see Florence command a stage with no pants on with that flaming red hair. Everyone loves a good ginge.

So I'm just excited. Watch the video. It is fucking awesome.

Retro Wednesday: A Flock Of Seagulls

Why are we calling this Retro Wednesdays when really we should be calling it MidWeek 80's.

Post name change bitches because I only post 80's music. Deal with it. It's the best of the worst.

A Flock of Seagulls: I RAN

HAHAHA Typical 80's soundtrack and montage. Anyone want to get in a LeBaron with me and cruise around town listening to this? I think Mattie would.

Seriously, though I wouldn't mind wearing a leather dress, dramatic make up and freaking out in a room of mirrors. One time I was in Elvis Presley's house and he has these stairs leading down to the basement that have mirrors to both the left and right of you. So all you see, on the left and on the right, are hundreds of yourself. I would imagine stumbling home on a late Tuesday night (we've all had one) and seeing a hundred of myself, freaking out, and falling down the stairs.
That is what this video reminds me of.

Terrible Story. But at least these fools enjoyed it.


All About Laura (of Miami)

Found this list of Top 25 Bad DJ Names. Most are real bad. I have mixed feelings about "DJ Scratchatory Rape".

"Laura (Of Miami)" would not be a name on this list. It's clear, concise, not-too-braggy, and yet still gives off a vibe of importance. I'm thinking that if this whole blogging thing works out for me I might change to Katie (of the Weblogs). **********

(Laura-- j/k. Will not ripoff your name).

Anyway, it's a pretty great name, which is convenient, because Laura is a pretty great DJ.

Ever been out driving in an unfamiliar vehicle in an unfamiliar city and been all like, 'Damn, I'm so glad i can't listen to my ipod in here'? Yeah, probz not.

But that happened to me!! And this, my friends, my anyone-who-is-actually-reading-this, is how I discovered Laura (Of Miami). In addition to her impressive spinning skills, she's the music & programming director at University of Miami's WVUM 90.5FM .

Vamos A La Playa, Laura's monday night show, absolutely kills it. Listen here . Laura's shows specialize in a very fluid mix of disco, freestyle, boogie and 80s rarities (as the blog's tagline so aptly describes) from past and present. Set lists are published on Laura's blog as well.

So dudes, I don't know a lot about DJing. But I'd certainly like to.

(For instance, can anyone answer this question?
Referring to turntables as "the wheels of steel" will make me sound
A) Like a moron
B) Cool
C) Cool in a funny/ironic sort of way
D) Like a moron in a funny/ironic sort of way

*answers will not be graded)

Laura's been at this for ten years, so she was nice enough to answer a couple questions I thought our readers (namely, me) might be curious about.

ELECTROBITCHES: How'd you get into DJing?

LAURA (OF MIAMI): I've always been obsessed with collecting music. I used to make mixes for friends when I was doing my undergrad degree in Boston . Someone suggested I learn how to DJ so I did. I ended up as everyone's house party DJ until I got a residency at a club. When I moved to Miami I kept going.

EB: Can you remember the first time you ever DJed?

L(of M): I was pretty nervous and wrecked a few trains. We all pay our dues.

EB: I'm not hip to this 'train-wreck' lingo yet, but I like it. So what's up with all these different kinds of disco? The difference between Italo and Nu Disco is not clear to me.

L(of M): Italo Disco [is generally] 70s/80s European disco. [It's pretty] synth heavy, [often with] non-sequitur lyrics, [and has a] certain cheese factor to it. Nu disco is made by new electronica artists influenced by disco classics.

EB: True/False- The DJing world is dominated by dudes.

L(of M): I do think guys tend to dominate the DJ world, but that just makes the legit DJ girls stand out more. There are some really amazing female DJs out there that have worked hard to make a name for themselves. I like to encourage aspiring female DJs as long as they take it seriously and make themselves be taken seriously. I've seen all kinds of gimmicks girls use to get gigs, toplessness, costumes, ubermakeup, all you need is good track selection and technical skills. I also love spinning with other chicks, I think it brings an interesting element to a party.

EB: Word. Tell me about some music you're into.

L(of M): I'm kind of obsessed with Metronomy lately and I also like Fever Ray. Classic favorites (off the top of my head) would include everything from Grace Jones to Kraftwerk, Stereo Total, and even cheesy Latin power ballads.


Here's a fun track I discovered from one of Laura's sets. The video was made by a fan who really should be recognized for his inspired utilization of primitive iMovie special effects.

Nite Jewel : Weak for Me

Until next time, friends.


Mah, We did not get a VCR so you could watch dirty movies.

Some weirdo out there is going to destroy my favorite show. With porn.

Yes, rumor has it a Golden Girls porn parody is going to be made by porn company New Sensations. Dlisted has the names of the porn stars, but I don't really want to know the name of someone who will be playing a dirty Rose. Ugh.

My question is: What will they do with the cheesecake??

So below is a clip of the Golden Girls watching porn. Classic.

Yeah yeah, this isn't music related. But Betty White is possibly the greatest bitch of the all so deal with it.

Can this be more amazing?

Or gay? I hope not. Because this post combined with last week's and the one below definitely means we're deep into Gay Territory and there's no way back out. Let's get deeper! (I feel like there's some sexual innuendo in that statement and I'm OK with it.)

Anyway: Tegan & Sara. They are so cool. They are so gay. They are so popular right now. I'm on T&S overload and I love it.

Their newest single "Alligator" has been remixed by big artists like Holy Fuck, Passion Pit, Ra Ra Riot, and Toro y Moi. And. And! You can buy all of their contributions on iTunes for the low, low price of $12. Personally, I'd rather just listen to the free stuff. So without further ado, check out this Passion Pit video:

And also this

Alligator - Tegan and Sara (Toro y Moi Remix).

I think I'm in love

I'm all hot and bothered. There's just something about a girl who plays drums...and has a British accent...and also makes good music while she's at it. Here's Florrie with "Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)."

Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix) - Florrie

Fall in love with me. Or maybe just dance. Or both.