Javelin: into loving, not fighting. but maybe "rumbling"

Javelin is on tour with Yeasayer. No Más, their new album, just came out this week!

So in honor of that occasion we had a quick chat about hypothetical gangs, challenging those in your debt to T&F competitions, and people with cool names who aren't really all that cool.


ELECTROBITCHES: I read in another recent interview with you guys that at this point in the tour you're pretty sure Yeasayer owes you some money. Who else owes $$ right now?

JAVELIN: Everybody's paid up. Lucky them...

EB: Yeah, seriously. But what if somebody did? Would you ever consider hiring a hitman/hitwoman to take care of business like this? In general, would you consider hiring either a hitwoman or a hitman?

J: Hitwoman. But it would be a fake out- she'd turn out to be hilarious and use her charms to get what's ours.

EB: Do you think you'd use a javelin as some sort of threatening device to get your $$$ back or would that be too clichéd what with the band name and all?

J: We're not threatening people. We might switch it up and put it to a track and field test of ability, though. Either way,[still] too clichéd. Maybe we should just talk things out. It's getting warm in here.

EB: Have you ever considered being a band/slash/gang that uses javelins as weapons? Or maybe doesn't use weapons... what kind of gang would you be?

J: The gang in [the movie] The Warriors with the overalls and skates is the scariest ever. Gangs that "rumble" are pretty good. Pre-guns, "Leader of The Pack" stuff...

EB: The Shangri-Las would've made for a deceptively great gang. Ok, last question is very important--Is Juice Newton quite possibly the most disappointing musical artist of all time because she has such an awesome name and such lame-ass songs like "Angel of the Morning"?

J: Yeah, she could have been an electro power house. We're continually disappointed by the lack of 808s in her jams.

Watch juice newton lame it up in "angel of the morning" here:
(btw does it NOT sound like she's saying 'just brush my teeth before you leave'?????!!)


This is my favorite track off
No Más. Great for the playlist you have on your ipod that you listen to when you're walking around in public and you feel like walk-dancing. or dance-walking. (Really great for head-bopping and/or other kinds of mild dancing on escalators in the metro, for example).

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  1. I was at that show on Saturday night and can not believe you scored an interview! Congrats. Katie, your postings are making EB step it up a notch.