Brazil on my Mind

I am obsessed. It's official. I can't decide if it's because Portuguese is such a sexy language or because Brazilians are so freaking weird. I have an inkling it's a little of both, but mostly the latter. Case in point: CSS' blog.

If you want a daily dose of weird that's the place to go. I honestly think it's weird in a good way. I especially like Lovefoxxx's (of course) posts. This one about the suitcase gets me every time.

OK, forget all of the above babble. That was really just a tangent I swerved off on. The real reason I'm writing is because I found the song "Pela'o" (Crookers Remix) by Isa and a video to match. It's pretty good. I really only like it because it's Brazilian. You can judge for yourself too.

(Another side note: I found it by going to Marina Gasolina's blog from CSS'...and now it's more obvious how my brain works. What's on my mindgrapes!)

Isa GT "Pela´o" (Crookers Remix) from Man Recordings on Vimeo.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uESWm702bu8&feature=related