Vintage blogs 4 U

A history lesson: blogs back in time

These savvy magoos didn't let their lack of internet keep THEM from expressing their creativity. Media, or, the ways in which people got their info back then, were often called:
1) TV shows
2) "Magazines"
3) Radio
4) Glenn Danzig

+ A clip from "Flashez", a teen-oriented TV show which aired in Australia from 1976-1977. Old-time wannabe blogger interviewing the infamous creators of Punk Magazine-- Legs McNeil & John Holmstrom.
discovered at Aquarium Drunkard

+ Another wannabe blogger, Glenn Danzig, who is not famous for anything besides trying to get famous on the Weblogs. He tried hard but the internet simply did not exist back then! Here he is doing a sort of "book-blog" entry:

+Best for last: A maybe-stoned Patti Smith & some of her posse goofing around and bothering the crap out of a German interviewer from Rockpalast:

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