The 80's Are Back. Forever.

No, it's not Retro Wednesday, but it is time yet again to pay tribute to the 80's.

Let's start with Sally Shapiro's My Guily Pleasure: Remixes. Its synthesized dance beats are undeniably influenced by the 80's. The soft, Madonna-esque voice of the lead singer lends to that illusion. Seems like the decade is enjoying a popular resurgence. Forever.

My Guilty Pleasure: Remixes - Sally Shapiro.

Meanwhile, across the pond - or rather, the strait? - international acts are following the trend. A case in point: Javiera Mena. Javiera is an up and coming Chilean artist; in fact, she may already have arrived. She infuses her girlish voice with low technology keyboard riffs. Here is her most popular song "Yo no te pido la luna":

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