In Blimp News

Ok. So I had been suffering from heat stroke for about six hours (thank you Deer Tick for ruining my first day of Coachella) and I had managed to pull through to see Jay-Z blow up the main stage.

Out of the corner of my eye, I look up and see a BLIMP with the message.

M.I.A New Album 6.9.10.

And then the dates of her New York and LA shows.

Really? Hiring a Blimp during Jay-Z's performance at Coachella? Interesting choice, M.I.A.

Either way, I'm ready. M.I.A. Bring me a single. Throw me an album.

Um, does anyone remember when she said she was going to retire?

1 comment:

  1. coachella coverage--- that's way legit.

    i dunno when she said she was going to retire.

    but i do know MIA is trying to start shit w/ lady gaga.
    in this magazine she was all like "lady gaga sounds more like me than i do shez such a copier"

    BURN. (?)