Visit From Flo.

Florence and the Machine. Last night.

Their show at the 930 club was so good and I was so excited and happy my jaw hurt from grinning like an idiot all night. Also, my friend happily pointed out I managed to fog up my glasses because I was sweating so much. Gross.

But seriously, Florence Welch rocked that show. Opened with my personal favorite Howl, and killed it. Followed with her punk(ish) Kiss With a Fist, and ended the night with Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). Killed it, hit every god damn note.

Great show. Filled with strong percussion, and an even stronger voice. Go see them. If anything, go to see Florence command a stage with no pants on with that flaming red hair. Everyone loves a good ginge.

So I'm just excited. Watch the video. It is fucking awesome.

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