How to brood/ Here is what is wrong with iPod shuffle:


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Here is the problem with iPod shuffle:

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Let's say you're out in public doing your thing, maybe you are riding the bus to the post office or something, and that Arcade Fire song "Wake Up" comes on and you start having this really emotional moment with yourself, thinking about how you are just a horrible excuse for a childish person and you should really get your life together and on TOP of that, you start feeling like a huge loser because I mean, come on, it's Arcade Fire, and probably at least 757 other twats ages 12-25 IN THIS CITY ALONE are having some kind of emotional moment to the song "Wake Up" right now too. It's become a rather trite song to have an emotional moment to. At this point you realize you lead a small, trite life, and your problems are rather vapid and meaningless.

FEAR NOT! I'll give you something to brood to. Oh yes, I will.

Wailin'- Outkast
ATLiens (1996)

No one's going to know you're being all moody and weird if you're listening to this song. It doesn't give away too much. Plus, there's that sick loop of that guy going "MmmMmmMm" in the background.

If Outkast isn't your thing, there is probably something wrong with you. BUT, here is your alternative:

Ouch Monkeys - The Teardrop Explodes
Everybody Wants to Shag... the Teardrop Explodes
(1990, but recorded in 1980)

I have been brooding to this song a lot lately. In fact, I have been brooding to this whole album on and off for at least a year. So, from personal experience, it comes highly recommended as an I'm-Feeling-All-Lame-And-Emotional kind of album. I don't have a link for the song, but it would be in your best interest to just search for it on the World Wide Web.

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