Beth = Winona?

A new interview with Beth Ditto just came out with PaperMag where Beth admits to shoplifting and calling herself the new Winona.

Attitude? Or crazy? Ditto claims that most of her shoplifting came while she has been at Goodwill, that the "line's too long. Put in in your purse".

Ummmm ok.

My favorite quote comes on page three - "I can talk to anybody. I can talk to a lamppost and make it talk back".

The interview is candid and interesting, nothing short I would expect from Ditto and co.

Below is Gossip covering Aaliyah's Are You That Somebody? I highly, highly recommend it. Not only is Ditto's voice a power house that she can carry that bass line on her own, its just a great song from the 90's that I know we all used to sing along to.

Sorry the video is so weird - the live performance I wanted to post was disabled to embed. All the other live performances were shot by something like an iPhone.

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