She's gone tomorrow.

Well, I am going back to the ever so pleasant Massachusetts tomorrow for the 4th of July. I do not plan to write another post during my time there, because I am what the French call "le lazy". In my own honor, he is another retro Wednesday post. It combines the two great truths of my life:

1. My "gone-ness" tomorrow
2. My patholgical desire for "another baby".

Enjoy, maybe!


I just read a sex advice column from a juggalo.


Retro Wednesday post:

Only the best song ever.

Worst lip synching ever.
I want that cat outfit.




Crude. And I love it.

This band/song/music label is my new favorite. It had me at the line "She sucks Barry Gibb dick. But she's still my girl." Check out Number One Girl by Le Le -- in all of its various carnations.

Le Le - Number One Girl by Gomma
I also suggest streaming all of Le Le's tunes on their MySpace page for some groovy background noise.


Newzbop 2: "Sports"

Are you a US "Futbol" team fan?

Sorry about your World Cup dreams. I'm sure you've been dreaming of a US win for years or decades. Or weeks.

Here's a drinking song/attitude for you.

Simmerdown Sunday

Tennis - Marathon


Captin Kirk is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbling the mountian?

It's Sunday. And I'm not hungover! WIN. In order to support those people who - due to actually going out on Saturday night instead of passing out at midnight - are battling the deadly effects of alcohol induced dehydration, I am posting a truly inspirational video. Keep on climbing that mountain folks.


There are other Fevers besides the Ray

Meet Yellow Fever.

I first became acquainted with them as the openers to a Voxtrot show. They had a great mellow electropop vibe.

They have a song called Cats and Rats and I swear it will be stuck in your head for days. Cats and rats and cats and rats and cats and rats. You can put any other two words in there and it works just as well – ice and cream and ice and cream and ice and cream (I’m not sure why that’s an example, but I think I want dessert).

Anyway, the intrepid Daniel J. Hopkins approached Yellow Fever drummer, Adam Jones, with our new feature: EBOQI, or Electrobitches One Question Interview [name subject to change]

DJH: Do you like to eat meatloaf on Mondays?
AJ: No.

Thank you, Dan, for starting us off in a painfully awkward way. I love it. [A side note: I wanted to ask them if they really had yellow fever (since I’m Asian and creepy I thought it appropriate), but Dan’s question won the day by default because he spied a Yellow Fever band member first.]

Here's to next time!

You're the only thing that matters, Jan Terri.


For today's Retro Wednesday Post, electrobitches is going on a strange and mysterious journey to a time known as the early 90s. The vessel? Jan Terri.

Jan Terri! Jan Terri? Jan Terri. How do you even start to speak of this fabulous whoa-man? Well, that is actually a stupid question. To start talking about Jan Terri, we will inevitably employee our generation's primary style: snarkily claiming our ironic love for some part of the cultural fringe. So lets start there!

We lurv J. Ter-bo. She should quit her day jerb and make nauseating videos 4life! This what Tim and Eric do, and they are fucking awesome. Oh dear, we forgot lame-faces exist, and you all don't know who J. Ter-bo is or why we lurv her. This should clear things up.

We know what you are thinking: holy shit this lady is amazing/awful, har har har! Normally, this is where the conversation with Jan Terri ends. Post the video on a few people's wall, break it out at parties (oh man, our parents must think we are kind of laming for doing this. But hey, it is the 21st century so, har har, go fuck yourself!) , and be done with Janni Terri-Mo-berri.

This lady is too important simply let her fade into the internet mist. She represents something that we've kind of forgot. Sincerity. No multiple-layers of references, ironic detachment, and a healthy dose of nihilism between Jan Terri and the rest of the world. She is want she is, loves who she loves, and doesn't care who knows it. How bad ass is that?

Not to say you shouldn't get a chuckle out of her videos. We are not posting for her musical virtuoso. But instead of leaving comments like "If you stick your fingers up your ass for ten seconds, then sniff them, it is as if you are actually in the muzic video!" we ask that you take a step back and try and understand her awesomeness, on like, a whole other level. Man. The electrobitches committee on internet mystery women is embarking on a long term (eh, maybe three posts. Most likely two) investigation on Jan Terri. Come back soon to learn more, maybe!



I scream that not just because the U.S. finally won a World Cup game, but also for three good mixtapes that dropped this month. All are winners.

Rodion – Mix dei Remix

Gomma Podcast #25: Rodion "Mix Dei Remix" by Gomma

01. The Millioners – Body into Use (Rodion Remix)
02. Health – In Heat (Rodion Remix)
03. Whomadewho – Keep me in my Plane (Rodion Remix)
04. Telespazio – Galileo (Rodion Remix)
05. Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2 (Rodion Remix)
06. Mando Diao – Dance (Rodion Remix)
07. Moullinex – Superman (Munk & Rodion rmx)
08. Box Codax – Missed her Kiss (Rodion Remix)
09. Fare Soldi – Il Vecchio e il Mullet (Rodion Remix)
10. Khan – Strip Down (Rodion Remix)
11. Mark 4Ostia – Disco Music, Fantastic Music (Rodion Remix)
12. Tomboy – Flamingo (Rodion Remix)
13. Vivek Shraya – If we’re not Talking (Rodion Remix)
14. Discodromo – Cosmorama (Rodion Remix)
15. Louie Austen – Make your Move (Rodion Remix)
16. Visti & Meyland – Stars (Rodion & Mammarella rmx)
17. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (Rodion Remix)

Aeroplane - June Chart Mix

June Chart Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

01. Bryan Ferry - Alphaville ( Leo Zero Remix )
02. Space - Deliverance ( Justus Kohncke Wild Pitch Mix )
03. Humorous Norwegian Disco Alias - I Work Out ( Special Instrumental Maxi Version )
04. Diskjokke - 1987 ( Richard Sen Remix )
05. Ali Love - Smoke & Mirrors ( Bottin Remix )
06. Jamie Lidell - Telephone ( Tiga Remix )
07. Monarchy - Love Get Out Of My Way ( Tim Goldsworthy Remix )
08. Simon Faz feat Dany L - The Model ( In Flagranti Money Belle Remix )
09. Subskrpt - We'll Be Fine
10. Art of Tones - Square Knocking

[June 24 addition to the post below.]

Now for the U.S. to win as good.


I just like animals that can play the violin

This is not new, this isn't really that cool, but fuck, I like it. And our mission is to post something everyday, and we have 19 minutes left. So just watch the video and somewhat enjoy.

Run Toto Run - Sleephead (Passion Pit cover)


Fever Ray Monday: Seven

There is no other reason for this post than to worship at the alter of Fever Ray. (And maybe The Twelves). Behold:


Good morning.

Hey, what's up?

Haha, want to know something funny?

Irene HATES Lady Gaga. Why? (She's a devil worshipper) I dunno.

Here's a new track from Mock & Toof
02 Mock & Toof - Shoeshine Boogie by Trax Mag

THIS one gets my vote for the day, though. Also Mock & Toof - Farewell to Wendo

And yeah, she did just say, "Murder me with orgasms". <3


What the hell, here's some Kelis.

What has two thumbs and is going to request this song at the next gay dance party? This guy.

It is going to be awesome.


Coolest Music Video (Maybe!)

Hey. Remember me? Good.

I just wanted to say look at this video:

I think it is one of the coolest cool things I've ever seen.
Plus, doesn't her voice sound like something you'd want to have sex with? And when the drums start, that's pretty cool too. I think I wanna be that girl a little bit, though.

Kay i gotta go. Bye.


Friday Funnies: Feel the Wheel

Guess who hasn't done anything today? Someone else other than me because I don't want any documentation of my incredible laziness. Other than this post!

So I've done my facebookin', stumblin', and wonkettein' on this fine Friday. Entertaining as always, but not entertaining enough. Everything just seems so stale. Nothing is updating, and no one seems to care. I like to call this "reaching the end of the internet".

Usually, "reaching the end of the internet" involves me reading some fucking stupid Washington Post editorial about how beach volleyball is a metaphor for how much Barrack Obama hates America (I'm LOOKING AT YOU GEORGE WILL). Then I start shouting terrible things at the computer screen until I'm hoarse, after whcih gently weep under my desk because I am normal. My co-workers do no enjoy my presence.

But today, when I reached the end of the internet, and I found this:

... the greatest thing in existence. What a great day it was.

Matt Tice, friend and compatriot, is the primary writer for the blog blenderwheel. If you are about the reach the end of the internet, please make this "komdey blog" your last stop. My favorite so far: Blenderwheel's story about office life. It introduces you to the greatest/worst boss in the universe, Boss Ruth, and talks about his favorite time of the year: no lying day. What is no lying day? I'll let Boss Ruth explain:

Boss Ruth: Shut up. Naomi, it’s No Lying Day - remember? Every year, we get one day where Human Resources goes AWOL and we can do whatever the fuck we want. That includes asking if it’s normal that my wife cried after a night of bathtub gin and anal sex. Get me?

Naomi: I don’t remember ever hearing about No Lying Day…

Boss Ruth: Well, bitchclod, that’s because this is the first one! From now on, every year on this day, we’re going to stop fucking lying and say what’s on our minds! And right now what’s on my mind is why the fuck my wife cried after I hogtied her and stuffed her poopchute. Is that such an awful request? Answer me woman

Wouldn't we all love no lying day in our office? Happy Friday everyone, and enjoy the funnies!

Finally it's happened to us

This is kind of like a Retro Wednesday on crack. Think of it as Fucked Up Mash Up Friday. Enjoy.

MIA Vs. CeCe Peniston – Finally XXXO (Dave Wrangler Mash-Up)


Post 150: We are CHAMPIONS.

So here we are at post 150. What a long, strange, three-and-a-half month-long journey. We've talked about electronic bitches, plain old bitches, and for some reason Robert Downey Jr. Occasionally, we also talk about music, maybe!

Lets face it. After 150 posts, we are now famous. B-rack Obamar calls us all the time is all like "I hatez the spills, but lurv your blog" we are all like "what-eves, the only person we like to talk is Sarah Pay-Me-lin, but thx NE-way".

After all, how could we NOT be famous? This is how we dress on Friday nights.

Please, lame-faces, please explain to us how you could not bow down and kiss our gout ridden feet (TMI?) upon glancing our glorious visages.

In honor of our awesomeness and 150th post, here is an oldie but goldie from Felix da housecat and kittzens. It is called happy hour, and it is all about how Kittzens is famous and awesome and loves to drink, which also describes electrobitches. Enjoy, but be WARNED, the song sounds better with headphones/good sound system (this warning applies mostly to people (person?) who reads us at work)

FOLLOW UP QUESTION: Does a song from 2001 qualify as a Retro Wednesday post?

Darn I Missed Them: TOO MANY TO LIST

(Actually, too many to list would be an OK band name.)

On Monday, June 14, 2010 something amazing happened. I would think it was even more amazing if I spoke Swedish. But it definitely looks amazing:

"Maskinen och Mash up international har lyckats samla den största delen av baile & kuduro-eliten för att få till en kväll som närmast kan beskrivas som kaotisk. det kommer bli som en brasiliansk favela nete på strömparterren och även om det inte går att dansa med vapen i sverige kommer det här bli en explosiv kväll."

Google translates that as:

"The machine and Mash Up International has managed to collect most of the baile & kuduro-elites to get to an evening that can best be described as chaotic. it will be like a Brazilian favela Nete on parterre and even if you can not dance with weapons in Sweden will this be an explosive evening."

So, yes. It looks good. Chaos, Brazil, weapons, explosions - all ingredients I want in a big party. And that's what Strömparterren - Love Stockholm 2010 looks like. A big party. With some really good bands. For only 80 kroner or 120 kroner (again, I can't read Swedish) - only $10 or $15! (Yes! recession and dollar being worth more?)

Some of the featured musical explosions came from:

Schlachthofbronx "Ayoba" feat. Spoek + Gnucci Banana

Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango

Radioclit Secouse All Star (Original Mix)


Buraka Som Sistema - Kalemba

Google says: Helvete ya! men Fan jag missade dem (Hell yes! but darn I missed them)


Exploring the Intertubes with OCMD

Sometimes the internet means bad things. According to my workplace this means security threats, inefficiency, and a lot of Farmville. It also means that some of my favorite music blogs are blocked. NOOOOOOO!!!1! my office mates hear me scream. Fortunately, they have done what a good worker would do: adapt. And also send me alternative blogs.

In my first trip around the music blog intertubes today I came upon OCMD - Obsessive Compulsive Music Disorder. Awesome.

It has introduced me to 2 excellent excuses for a band:

1. Tobacco

Tobacco (or Tom Fec) is an American electronic musician. He is the frontman of the band Black Moth Super Rainbow, in addition to working as a solo artist; in both settings he works most conspicuously with pre-digital electronic instruments such as analog synthesizers and tape machines.

Feel the synthesizers below.

2. Tame Impala

Tame Impala are a "four piece psychadelic rock band from Perth, Australia" who liken their music to "a steady flowing psychedelic groove...that emphasizes dream-like melody" (source: Wikipedia)

You get one chance to figure out if you like them. (The boys and their greasy, emo haircuts want you to say yes.)

Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss (Mickey Moonlight Remix) by electrobitches

If you want to hear more songs from Tobacco or Tame Impala check out OCMD's samplings.

Fever Ray Monday: CocoRosie

My entire life, I wanted to somehow combine the weird visuals and foreboding feel of Fever Ray with the voice of Joanna Newsom. Then I found CocoRoise, and her video for the song "Lemonade".

The decrepit house, the evil-elf make up, and general feeling of dread: a perfect Fever Ray Monday song.

Also, I love how we are always posting these creep-tastic videos on Monday. The day is depressing. Somehow, a little fever makes the whole experience of having one's weekend ripped away feel OK.


Simmerdown Sundays

The song: Adieu Mon Coeur

Goodbye My Heart. For some reason when I'm haungover pulling myself together on a Sunday morning Edith Piaf really speaks to me. And I just really, really love this song.

Edith Piaf - Adieu Mon Coeur

And Martha Wainwright's lovely take on the song. Stripped down and a live performance:

And because according to my weak internet sources, this is Edith's last great song. Plus, it helps me to remind myself to not regret my actions and behaviours of last night. Or ever.

Edith Piaf - Non Je ne regrette rien


She is confusing.

M.I.A is leaking shit all over the place to confuse folks before her CD release date. Basically, she is taking a stance against the internet. Because sharing information and accessing music is so terrible. Clearly M.I.A. has been on fire recently, being as creative as using a blimp at Coachella for promotion, starting a war with gingers and picking fights with anyone who dares to talk back.

The thing is, I just want her music to be as good as her game. I really want her music to be good. I want M.I.A to excite the shit out of me. And recently it's just not happening.

Here is some song that was played on some BBC show. Or something. This song is not on her album track list. She is confusing.

Judge the song for yourself.

M.I.A - Steppin' Up.

M.I.A. - Stepping Up by sheenabeaston

And unlike M.I.A, I love the intertubes, and I love sharing music, I'm going to share this site that I love for finding some great, weird and interesting mixtapes. It is all for free. Happy explorin'.



Mother Remixed.

Ah gardening, the favorite past time of mothers past their prime (empty nesters SLAM!). Naturally, there is a way to electro-bitch-ify this activity. Enter Pogo, internet favorite and key ally in the battle against hangovers. He took his mommy, her gardening, and his sound and made this nifty little video. Enjoy maybe!


I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly.

A new kind of table tennis. Just watch.

Ellen Allien (from Germany) - Down

I like this video. So does my friend and his dates. He knows how to multitask and GET IT DONE:



Fever Ray Monday: Dress

Practice your own acceptance speech by Fever Ray at home!



Fever Ray Mondays : Covers

First check out a cover Fever Ray released on a 7" a while ago of "Here Before" orginally by Vashti Bunyan over at Gorilla Vs. Bear

Second, check out a cover of Fever Ray's "If I Had a Heart" performed by Via Tania. A very different take on the song. Via Tania performs it on the beach, which is not what I think of when I listen to Fever Ray. I think of rain. Or a Wizard of Oz tornado. But a tornado where you wake up in one of Tim Burton's worlds. Crawling through Tim Burton's imagination. Thats what I think of.

Via Tania - Fever Ray Cover from The Hours Entertainment on Vimeo.

via and via


Simmerdown late Sunday

Rosie and Me - Bird and Whale

From southern Brazil. Cute folk music.

Here is some other tracks from SoundCloud: Again, lots of cuteness.

Bonfires by Rosie and Me

Darkest Horse by Rosie and Me


Sauerkraut Saturdays

My mindgrapes are still churning out some funky German music wine. To make the mix even tastier I headed over to Gomma Record's website, which is thankfully chockfull of sweet, sweet jams. For free.

Case in point:

Telonius Charts Mix April 2010 by Gomma

1) Telonius – Hit Me (Cassian Rmx)
2) Poni Hoax – Bankers (Mustang Rmx)
3) Le Le – Number One Girl (Anthony Mansfield Rmx)
4) Arthur Baker feat Nona Hendrix & Ladonna – Tear Down The Walls
5) Cassius – 1999 (Tim Green Rmx)
6) Munk – La Musica (Audiojack Rmx)
7) Barbara Tucker – Stop Playing With My Mind (Full Intention Dub)
8) Acid Washed – Acid Washed (Daniel Haaksmann Rmx)
9) Junkie XL – Heart Of Darkness
10) The Juan McLean – Feel So Good

Posted on April 28, 2010: "Here’s the Telonius‘ Mix Charts for the month of April, this week you get some unreleased and / or brand new gomma stuff like the Cassian remix of Hit Me, the Audiojack remix of Munk and Le Le’s Number One Girl. Also check out Daniel Haakman’s massive remix for Acid Washed.. have fun."

And god did I have fun.

And again.
Le Le - Le Radioshow by Gomma

And again.
Telonius - Winter Wipeout Mix by Gomma


What's on my mindgrapes?! (Part II)

Today while looking at my favorite Spanish language music blog - No Naci en Manchester (translation: I wasn't born in Manchester) I stumbled upon a feature article on Munk from Gomma Records. Included were two tracks from the Gomma Dance Tracks record - Munk – La Musica (Radio Edit) and Munk – La Musica (Mercury Remix).

Now I'd never heard of Munk and, of course, wanted to know more. I clicked on the first song and was blasted with intense bass and a garbled/warped voice. My co-worker (yes, I am a terrible employee and was playing music while I should be doing real work), Sean Peoples of Fatback and Socket Records fame, quipped "it sounds like German new wave from 1989." With further investigation, I found out that Munk was, in fact, from Germany.

(Side note: I prefered the music on Munk's MySpace page over the two tracks offered on NNM - particularly Back Down (Cut Copy remix))

Sean then suggested I check out "Teutonik Disaster," an obscure German New Wave sampler from Gomma Records from 2002, featuring tracks from 1977 to 1983. His favorites being Carmen - Schlaraffenland and Ampilla's Delight - Lover's Walkman.

Carmen - Schlaraffenland by electrobitches

You can download the entire album here.

So let's recap my thought process: No Naci en Manchester -> Munk -> Munk's MySpace page -> Sean Peoples -> Teutonik Disaster -> Electrobitches.


If you enjoyed this cerebral journey, check out What's on my mindgrapes?! (Part I)


Kick. Ass. Video.

PVT - Formally known as Pivot (but had to change their name to come to AMERICA because there was some other band in AMERICA called Pivot and they threatened legal action so Pivot, originally from aussieland, are now PVT).

PVT - Window.

Great song - and the first person video is awesome.

PVT - Window (formerly Pivot) from Warp Records on Vimeo.


This shit with the name changing happens alot between the OZ and the US. And I guess everywhere else in the world. But when the the BK ventured to Australia that had to change their name from Burger King to Hungry Jacks because there was already a King of the Burgers in town. So now all over Australia when Americans are craving a Whopper with cheese for breakfast they have to roam around town in fear and hesitation cause they have to get their fix from HJs. Hungry Jacks.

Good story right?

Yes, that is Bindi Irwin. And yes, she liked my story.

Goth pop, Cyndi, Ariel Pink's HG

I found this sweet gothy band called the Bubonic Plague. I don't think they're making music anymore because their lead singer is now working solo under the name Geneva Jacuzzi.

Hahaha this is effing cool though. It makes me giggle AND want to dance. Can u DIG???

For all you pop pansies who CAN'T dig:

1) Check out those dance moves
2) Just WAIT for her to rip the hat off.
3) Prince wrote this song for Cyndi and does a great version of it himself. You can hear that and a bunch of other crazy-cool songs on this lovely mix Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti made for Fact Magazine. Most interesting mix of this sort I've heard in a while. But click soon, it's only available for a couple of weeks.


First min. is new favorite T.Heads cover

This was stolen from the g-chat status of a fellow contributor, Mr. Daniel J. Hopkins, Esq. Why did he not make a post about this? I don't know the answer to that question. Truth is, I barely talk to Daniel J. Hopkins, Esq., we aren't even really friends. Sometimes I wish he was dead. But not today!

The first minute of the song is MILES (get it?) better than the rest, but the video is solidly entertaining through and through. And the rest of the song isn't bad or anything, I just think he should have made the entire song in the techno-robot rap style of the beginning instead of beating us over the head with the knowledge that it is a Talking Heads cover. We get it, Miles. We aren't stupid. You don't gotta make it so obvious.

Plus I just wanted to make a "Miles" pun.

Programming Note.

We have been slack on the posting these days. Blame it on Memorial Day weekend, and the fact that I've either been celebrating all that is America or feeling like this:

Anyways, I know its Wednesday and I'm pulling myself together and getting through the work day with a mixtape celebrating all that is 2010. So far, its been treating me well and complementing today's great weather.

So enjoy this Mixtape: