Today's plain ol' bitch

Criminal Minds. Really?

Just listen.

I don't really find the call funny. More sad. I didn't even know there was a show out there called Criminal Minds, and this bitch is ready to have towns flattened by a tornado for the shows finale.

Although, my friend once had that Shemar Moore naked as her screen saver. It was pretty impressive. Maybe this lonely bitch needs her fix of Shemar with a big gulp of Franzia once a week to feel right.



  1. Do you think people ever read EB and shout at the top of their lungs "You people fix it, NOW!"?

    I think it is a distinct possibility.

  2. ... At least for my posts.

  3. Good save.

    I think about fixing/deleting every single one of my posts about 5 minutes after I click that "publish" button.

    But then I think

    Fuck it.