Who is this guy with the stupid face?

"Paul Kalkbrenner". Allegedly. Whatever.
This seems like a song some of you may enjoy, however, at your evening sunset cocktail parties where you are probably drinking not the cheapest champagne, but certainly on the less expensive side of things, shall-we-say.

I'm not in a good mood right now. Not for any real reason. Sometimes I just have to reach my bad-mood quota for the month. So a lot of "new" "fun" "dancey" music I might otherwise be open to is just sounding REALLY stupid right now.

Here is Nite Jewel - Lover

Youtube commenter bebowilliams suggests it is an "Awesome makeout song!" and this comment was given a thumbs up 6 other times, so bebowilliams is probably right.

3 months ago, commenter mowgly3000 made the astute observation that this is a "Roxy Music cover. I think I like this take way better than the original. Thanks Italians Do It Better. Keep em comin"

6 months ago Phavonic said, "Nowhere near as good as the original, regardless of the hookers."

And then DetectiveUtah said, "well,we're all waiting for someone like you to show us the way GENIOUS!"


  1. Electrobitch commenter Daniel J. Hopkins suggets "that song was pretty kick ass". PLEASE click on my "commenter" name to find my EB commenter profile. You'll be glad you did.

  2. Love the surprise. He is my favourite guest on Ellen. I want to take his classes.




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