What becomes of the broken-hearted: a retro Wednesday playlist

Hey all you ElectroSnitches.

Have you ever suffered a bad breakup with a significant other? Probably.

You had a text-messaging convo like this:
"That's cool that U update yr FB status from yr iPhone b4 U txt me bak."
"Wat? Sry babe i didnt evn see that"

----fast-forward 40 minutes, to a point of the story in which Significant Other has come over after work and you two are arguing face-to-face in your bedroom. There is some foot-stamping. Some finger-pointing. Things are said. Like:
"But you said you LOVED me! I said 'I love you,' and you said, 'I love you too' !!!"
"I SAID I love U2. They are a ROCK band from DUBLIN fudging IRELAND. I thought WE were talking about things we LOVE."
And at this point, the illusion is shattered. If you are the one talking about the "love" in this situation, this is when you realize everything was entirely one-sided, like the way Joni Mitchell lived her life before she wrote this song:

Or maybe you are the U2 fan and you are just TOE-TAHLLY confused right now.

Later on you are sitting on the couch watching The Legend of Bagger Vance even though you aren't really watching it, you're having some kind of serious inner monologue with yourself. This is what it looks like inside your head:

What is love? (Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me-- no more.... why is this song stuck in my head? Oh, prolly 'cause I was watching old '90s SNL online earlier today

Sux that Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy broke up. I wonder if 'In Living Color' is on right n)--

This is when your brain starts doing that weird thing brains do sometimes where it talks OVER itself, so another part of your brain starts going, "WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?! SEE!! This is why you're so bad at 'relationships'. This other person apparently loved you and you hadn't even THOUGHT about what that means because you're too busy thinking about tv shows."

You are a very accidentally hurtful person. Like Harriet the Spy.

maybe the whole 'U2' thing was bullshit and that other person was just creeping you out and you didn't say or do anything because you are a slimy, cowardly person. You suck.

Whatever the case may be, we got U babe. You and your brittle, smooshed, and now potentially non-existent heart.

A playlist of sorts 4 U and/or yr heart:
Brother Where Are You - Oscar Brown Jr. (Matthew Herbert Remix)
The Eraser - Thom Yorke
Healer - Chromatics

Nothing stays the same - Elastica ( Sorry, no link. But look it up -- such a GOOD song)
Cigarette in your bed - My Bloody Valentine
It's not too beautiful - The Beta Band
(I love the sound of) breaking glass - Nick Lowe
If you like any or all of these songs and want a better-quality playlist, most are easily accessible and free on the internet. If you can't find one you'd really like, I'd be more than happy to share.


1 comment:

  1. "You like to feel that I will float away someday

    I cried the hundredth time things never came my way"

    - Beautiful.

    May I suggest "Parting Gift" by Fiona Apple.

    I love the line:

    I opened my eyes
    While you were kissing me once, more than once,
    And you looked as sincere as a dog
    Just as sincere as a dog does,
    When it's the food on your lips with which it's in love