Last night I posted about a mixtape, and since then I've been listening to Nancy Sinatra from that mixed tape. And I love it.

Everyone and their Mum including Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson (really?) have covered this song. And I'm posting it because I need a break from this shit day at work and this song is providing it.

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking.

I want to be in music videos that were shot live in he 60s. Maybe just go on tour around middle America as a back up dancer. Or a band member For June Carter Cash. I'm sure its better than sitting in this home office overdosing on Wasabi Peas.


For the a real Retro Wednesday post, I introduce

Pierre Henry - Teen Tonic

The video is wicked. Very 60's LSD. As in, someone made it on their computer in the 90's. But the song is all the way from 1967! Not the 80's! This Pierre dude made crazy psyche rock for le movies. Yes, there are no lyrics, but its for the moooovies and I'm running with a 60's theme here.

Wake me up when its the weekend. Thanks.

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