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Kelis covering La Roux In for the Kill.

I feel like she looks really bored. She does a good job, its really mellow and Kelis made it so I could actually understand the lyrics.

And I'm posting the original because I love it. It was La Roux's first single. Also - how crazy is their popularity these days? Bulletproof took a year to take off but now its everywhere.

Since I'm posting about La Roux. I want to mention their Coachella stint (yes, I'm writing this like a month too late). Outside the tent where you could line up and get autographs, La Roux had three people painted in gold promoting their 8pm show. It was weird. Not many other acts had promotion, just kinda expected people to show up. And people did show up for the La Roux show. The tent was packed. With screaming young people. Like the young people from LA that would just drive down for the day and do a whole bunch of drugs. They were the audience.

Anyways, Elly did a great job. I was burdened with sun stroke, my friend Jackie was throwing up, and we still enjoyed their performance. To be honest, her vocals were shaky at the beginning, but she had hit her stride by the third song. I'm Not Your Toy was my favourite. They also did a cover of the Rolling Stone's Under My Thumb. It was good. I tried to find a video, and there is one on the Tube of the Coachella performance but its painful to watch. Here is Elly rocking it at the Wonder Ballroom.

Sidenote > This is how I feel today:

And it's a beautiful Friday! Why do I always drink myself into oblivion on a Thursday night?

via and prop's to Glade for the Coachella pic.

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