Retro Wednesdays... for REAL.

For this installment of Retro Wednesdays, electrobitches stretches all the way back to the 80s... at least, that's what we usually say. BUT NO MORE!

Today my little electrobitches, gather around the screen and watch this gem from 1978. OK, so that is pretty close to the 80s, but whatever, its not like we are getting paid to do this or anything.

Hot Gossip's video for "I lost my Heart to a Star Ship Trooper" is wild disco adventure into what was apparently the gayest part of Star Wars craze. (Question: was Star Wars ever not gay? This little man says no) Seriously, check out those boys in the background, they've got moves girl.



  1. Question: was Daniel J. Hopkins ever not THE man?

    This little man (Katie Greer) says no.

  2. Clarification: Daniel J. Hopkins was once a Soviet machine, but was later upgraded to the "the man" by a team of dedicated U.S. scientists after the fall of the Berlin Wall.