Am I an electrobitch?


So as a loyal reader of this popular and influential Weblog, you probably have a few questions at this point. You probably catch yourself feeling a little excluded sometimes, thinking things like, "wow, I identify with this 'blog....... but does this 'blog identify with me? Am I an electrobitch?"

The simple answer is: Yes. You are.

It doesn't matter if you are boy/girl/something else/skinny/fat/into boys/into girls/into something else/blahdyblahdyblahdyblahdy-blah. You get it. You're an electrobitch.

I don't even like the word "bitch" at ALL, but if I'm one, you are one too. That's the only way it works. That, and you have to put an "electro" on the front.

Anyway, we get a lot of fan mail here in the EB office, which is great! Send more!
So in the spirit of this occasion of explaining 'electrobitch' to you, we have carefully chosen some of the best fan art to post here. Here are some electrobitches.
Some girls are bigger than others... some of y'all have better photoshopping skillz than others. But you all have HEART.

Apparently it's real. Thx, David from Milwaukee.



  1. We are all electrobitches!

  2. Finally, freedom becomes free. This is fantastic.