Retro Wednesday: Depeche Mode


This song is a classic...all the way from 1981. Ha! It is a great beat, fun to dance to and best of all - has a great chorus to sing loudly wherever you are - especially if you are listening to it at work today.

According to their Wikipedia page (I know, I am really good at researching shit for these posts) they are "THE MOST POPULAR ELECTRONIC BAND THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN"
I don't know about that, but clearly they started the aviator trend. I just like the super keyboard moves, and how long it took me to find the original video (what is with people disabling embedding?).



What IS This?

MGMT - Flash Delirium

Ok so you have heard the single and then probably streamed the leaked album, and now here is the video for the first single.

Watch it. Seriously. It involves puppets and old people.
Get to the 2:40 mark and ask yourself - WHAT IS THIS?

To be honest...this freaked out video makes me like the song a little more. We have to give credit to MGMT for their creativity, it just sounds/looks like they have been listening to a lot of Sid Vicious.

So judge it for yourself.

(Some) New Music Tuesday

Here is just two albums that came out on my favorite day of the week: New Music Tuesday.

Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La from the album I Will Be. Already it's becoming one of my favorite albums to listen to while I am at work. Its less than 30 minutes long, and all the songs are short, punky and poppy. Its nothing new or groundbreaking, just bringing out the 14 year old in me that would dance around my room to garage pop.

Living Sisters - Double Knots from the album Love to Live. Living Sisters consist of Eleni Mandell, Inara George (from the bird and the bee!) and Becky Stark (from Lavender Diamond), and together they produce lovely harmonies, making an album perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I recommend listening to this outside, in beautiful weather, and doing something innocent like playing with puppies.

There is a lot more out there, but these two albums will add nicely to my Spring rotation.

L Word Power

I was just having a discussion with a fellow electrobitch/contributor about the prevalence of lesbians in the electrobitch community - Beth Ditto and Hannah Blilie (The Gossip), Luiza Sa/Ana Rezende/Carolina Parra (CSS), and Elly Jackson (La Roux - OK, she's bi, whatever) to name a few. Yeah yeah, I know we always talk about them. We can't help it.

Now I would also love to include another favorite band, Tegan & Sara, in that illustrious grouping but they're not really electro in any way. Luckily, The Ramshackle Kings decided to enter another dimension and make the lesbian duo into electrobitches for a day (or two). "Living Room" is a T&S classic, and easily one of my favorite songs; and now it's been masterfully remixed/covered.

Living Room (Tegan & Sara)
by Ramshackle Kings

Let's Get This Started, Girl.

I am dancing as I write this. You know the small shoulder shrug that you try to rock when you're sitting down. But god does my body want to get up and just...just dance! The groove can't be contained!

What's making me possessed you ask? (And use not one, but two exclamation marks.) Another electric hit by the Brazilian duo The Twelves. More specifically:

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

Listen and just dance. (and maybe download it too.)


Everyone is posting this...

And now its my turn. Because, with no shame, I love this. And want you to enjoy this too.

Lissie, and all her genius, covering Gaga's Bad Romance

She does an amazing cover. But more importantly, she produces some fantastic tracks.

Below is In Sleep

(Also, please do not notice that this my second Gaga related post of the day. It won't happen again, promise)

via Head Underwater and also my facebook feed. lose.

more like a WIN.

Electrobitch in training?

Yes, Gossip and Beth Ditto, again.

Beth Ditto smashing on a couch the host of a German TV Show Wetten Dass...?. It is such a WIN. She has an attitude and spunky confidence that rocks all over the globe.


Below is the video - there is a rocking video of a performance of Heavy Cross, the smashing at the 4:25 mark, and then a confusing interview in both German and English.

via, a hilarious blog (thank you Michael K)

Watch and be Weird.

Ok we found this on Jezebel this morning. It's some weirdo loving himself on Chatroulette dancing around to Lady Gaga's Telephone.

Who are these creeps on Chatroulette? Like what about that old guy (I think there are like two that come up) that pop up on the visitor screen? I do not get Chatroulette. I feel like it is only for creeps and bored people, like my friend Ryan and Ashton Kutcher.

Seriously. My friend Ryan was on Chatroulette (I would place him under the "bored while drunk" category) and Ashton Kutcher comes up on his screen. So Ryan and company flick AK off and then sign off.

Win? or Lose?

This guy dancing around to Lady Gaga sums up my feelings on Chatroulette. It is weird, uncomfortable, and for people who probably need to get out more.

Simmerdown Monday?

Yes, this post came a day late. Deal with it.

SEJA is from Brisbane, Australia, and has been known to play the keys in some good Aussie bands such as Regurgitator (the song I linked to is my favourite song from the 90's. No Joke), and now SEJA has released her own work.

So thanks, again, to Triple J for introducing me to this jem.


Pop Goes My Brain

We have an unnatural obsession with Beth Ditto. We admit it. But, she's an electrobitch worth obsessing over, and we're not afraid to say it. Recently, her band The Gossip came out with a new, playful song "Pop Goes the World." It doesn't disappoint.

Pop Goes the World - The Gossip (James Ford Version).

It just makes me wanna sing along "Oooooh sensation!" (...in my pants)

YACHT: The Afterlife Video

We've been listening to YACHT's See Mystery Lights for a while now and are excited to be seeing the new video for the song Afterlife (Especially after already posting the song creepily with a young girl dancing to it.)

As you can imagine, the video plays with themes of the death, with both the band members being submerged in water. It's a cool vid, a great song, so check it out.


Retro Wednesdays: Kate Bush

Kate Bush. Probably the first solo-female successful artist to use electronic music.

An electrobitch.

Wuthering Heights - arguably her most commercially successful song.

Yes, her voice is ridiculous. In both an amazing and terrible way. I feel like she is about to bust out and sing Barry Manilow's Mandy. Which is wrong. Clearly.

Army Dreamer - my personal fav video - love how her eyes move with loading the gun.

Give her credit folks. She is some crazy electrobitch, and I love it.

So...Rihanna rocks my mind

Hello everyone in electrobitches land!

I know that this isn't necessarily electronic music, but that doesn't mean that this isn't GREAT music. Here is the new video for "Rude Boy" from Rihanna, the current queen of danceable, techno-influenced tracks. or should I say, traxxx.

Everything about this song is my jam. Great beat, mindless lyrics, and infectious synth. And the video is a work of art. It is as if M.I.A.'s "Boyz"...

...and Enur ft Natasja's "Calabria 2007" had a baby. And that baby was on e.


Ugh It's Monday.

And it's raining. A lot.

So today I'm posting for myself. I'm opening the windows to hear the rain in the background, getting that smell of fresh storm into my working environment and listening to

Beach House.

Teen Dream came out earlier this year, and I already feel its going to be one of my favorite albums of 2010. Victoria Legrand's voice touches me (which is weird, I know) and with this thunder ripping through town, Beach House is making me feel alive today.

This music is not new, it is just good, and Victoria Legrand's voice, attitude and style makes her a fucking hot electrobitch.

Silver Soul Music Video:

Zebra live, SXSW 2009 (sounding perfect live - it's amazing)

And for Dan: Master of None

Happy Monday Team.


Simmerdown Sundays

For today's Simmerdown Sunday post I thought we enjoy the new She and Him album Volume Two - you can stream the full album (releasing this week) from NPR.

Its perfect Spring Sunday recovery music. So take some time off from electrobitching and enjoy Zooey's soulful voice.


Blast From the Not So Distant Past

This blog has gushed about La Roux, Beth Ditto, and Lovefoxxx, but there's one essential electrobitch that we've been wrongly leaving off our list: PEACHES.

It's been a while since elegant lyrics like "Sucking on my titties like you wanted me/Calling me, all the time like Blondie/Check out my chrissy behind/It's fine all of the time" pierced the mainstream. We've missed her.

Luckily, we caught this new video on CSS' blog (thank you fellow electrobitch, Lovefoxxx for the hat tip). It's entitled "Billionaire" because the song is about (SPOILER ALERT) fucking you like a billionaire. Although we're not sure what this entails - perhaps hundred dollar bills strewn on beds or Swarovski crystal sex toys - we'll take Peaches' word for it.

The video is also really weird.


She's devastating in the DiscoTech

DiscoTech released a new single (for FREE!), and it is pure win. An anthem for all electrobitches bustin' moves on the floor, she's devastating forces you to shake that thing in all the right places.

She's Devastating [Original] by DiscoTech

Download this song now, so you can compare it the inevitable remixes to follow.



Retro Wednesdays: Laurie Anderson

Hello, my name is Laurie Anderson. I am married to Lou Reed. I invent my own instruments. I am cooler than you'll ever be. Hell, I am cooler than you on my worst day than you are in your wildest dreams. I am an electrobitch to the nth degree.

I'm also the subject of today's Retro Wednesday. Listen, Learn, and Love.


Are the 90's here?

Whip out that ripped flannel shirt and that 90's grunge anger because Courtney and her crew are back with a new song.

Thats right.


Personally, this new song, Skinny Little Bitch is notable but isn't rocking my socks (over my leggings) the way that Celebrity Skin used to. Remember that video where Courtney was lying in the coffin? GOLD.

So here it is, Courtney is stepping it up from her ramblings (if you have never checked out her amazing twitter, I recommend it) and releasing a new album Nobody's Daughter next month.


New Yong Pony Club

Chances are if you have enjoyed a New Young Pony Club song before, it was their hit Ice Cream.

Their new album The Optimist dropped this month, and posted below is their single:


Its a pop gem. Cute, and a lotta fun.


Simmerdown Sundays

This might be late to the game, seeing as there's only 1.5 hours left until it's no longer Sunday. However, this song only takes 3 minutes and 29 seconds to listen to and it will definitely simmer you down. Kick back, relax, maybe lay in bed and dream with the Spinto Band.

Spinto Band - Oh Mandy


I've got a Fever, and the only prescription is more Ray

My fellow electro bitches have said it once, and I'll say it again: The Internet is for being creepy and weird. Therefore, I am bound by internet-law to present the creepiest and weirdest eletrco bitch of them all: Karin "Fever Ray" Andersson.

Oh sure, we know what you are thinking: OMG BUT LADY GAGA HAS A PENIS! SHE IS SO WEIRD lol REMEMBER HER MTV DRESS! lol. While we love the Lady of Ga as much as anyone, she doesn't hold a candle to Karin when it comes to weird speech giving.

The melted face, the bizarre mumbling - Karin is the ideal woman. What makes her an electro bitch is her music. Basically anything she's touched is worth a listen (THE FUCKING KNIFE), but I want to share with you a video from her solo work, where she goes by the moniker Fever Ray. It's bizarre and beautiful, and just a tad creepy - clearly I love it. Pop this Bad Larry on to your iPod, and go walk in the rain.

Free Music

Some new, free music to begin the weekend.

Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist

Grizzly Bear's Palomo and Chris Taylor produced and mixed this bad boy.


Types of Bitches

A list of bitches found by a Third Grade teacher at a school in Washington D.C.

Click for a bitch here!

Electrobitch is not on the list, but this third grader defined a lot more bitches than I could ever come up with.

And for good measure, I just added a pic of one of my favorite crazy bitches.

Have a Winehouse weekend!

(H/T Mattie. Thanks!)


Betty White: Ever the Electrobitch

As most everyone already knows, our very favorite Golden Girl and fabulous bitch, Miss Betty White, will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th. Yes 'tis true. Finally this bitch will have her day in the sun... much deserved! I can't wait to see what sort of inappropriate skits will go down between her and Kenan Thompson. (YES PLEASE!) What could make this evening even more delightful, you ask? ... If James Franco made a guest appearance.

SAVE THE DATE... I hear there will be a cash bar. But until then, Enjoy.


Thank you Triple J for introducing me to this gem:

Wave Machines - I GO I GO I GO

Great video, great track.

Happy Thursday, folks.

Electrobitch in Training

Found this video last night while watching performances of YACHT's The Afterlife.

This kid enjoys her music, an Electrobitch in training.

Also, is it creepy that I am posting a video on someone's kid that I don't know? Possibly.

But really, isn't that what the internet is for? Being creepy and weird?

I think maybe I admire this kid so much because she is rocking the hard bangs that I used to tragically rock when I was her age. Instead of listening to YACHT though I was practicing my Kylie Minogue moves with a pink microphone.



Retro Wednesdays: The Human League

Even though the girl sounds like she is singing at a karaoke bar, and the lyrics are creepy as hell, this is today's Retro Wednesdays post:

The Human League - Don't You Want Me.

Lets face it, the chorus is singable, the music is danceable, the video is weird, the song is awesome.




MGMT exploded on the scene with their 2007 release Oracular Spectacular, which was one of the best albums of that year, and in our humble opinion, of the decade. It's hard to match such an effort, and these leaked songs [via NNM] from their sophomore record definitively show that.

MGMT – Flash Delirium

MGMT - Congratulations

It's not terrible, but disappointing. Here's hoping the rest of their album is better - and has a little more of MGMT's deft electronic touch.

The Evolution of the Mixtape

Nothing brings greater joy to my face than a favorite band taking a decent – or even great – song and remixing it for our aural pleasure. It’s a hard balance though, and as The Very Best shows us, can sometimes err on the side of mediocre.

The original song in question:

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

There’s something reassuring and familiar about Yeasayer’s approach to this song. Rolling, 80s-tinged beats with strong lyrics like “But if I've learned one thing to tattoo on my arm/Or burn into my thumb it would be that/You must stick up for yourself son/Never mind what anybody else done” complement each other throughout.

The Very Best’s first attempt at remixing “Ambling Alp”:

The Very Best - Ambling Alp (Yeasayer Overdub)

I appreciate The Very Best’s take, especially because you can see the kaleidoscope of different cultures melding into the track. The booming voice of Esau Mwamwaya is particularly touching. But, it’s nevertheless a rocky transition: the end result is more African pop than 80s throwback. And maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be.

The Very Best’s second attempt:

The Very Best – You’ve Got The Love (Ambling Alp overdub) w/ the xx, Florence + Machine

This remix is notable in that it samples the xx’s remix of Florence + The Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love.” Confusing? I know. Basically, The Very Best managed to remix a remix. The haunting warble of Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine is what makes the track worth listening to.

I hope you’ve made it this far in the post and that you’ll enlighten us with what you think. Do you agree with my assessment? Which track do you like the most? Hit us up. We’re always listening.



It's time to insert a little color - or calor en espaƱol - into this blog. I'm all for foreign languages, electronic beats, and suggestive lyrics in any music I listen to. Luckily, Calle 13's "Electro Movimiento" fulfills all three requirements. Calle 13 is normally known as being an innovative Puerto Rican reggaeton collective that incorporates hard beats with cheeky lyrics. They've gone a little more electronic than usual in this outting, and I thoroughly approve. We hope you do too. Enjoy/disfruta:

Calle 13 - Electro Movimiento


I heart the 90s

I miss the 90s. There, I’ve said it. I realize that this marks me as a heathen, an amoeba possibly. The 90s are perhaps the least revered decade (at least in strong contention with the 70s). You say: What about the horrible colors in fashion – black, gray, brown? God, brown was a lipstick color. The music was all boy band pop, all the time.

What about the 80s? the 60s?, you say. There were leg warmers, slap wrist bracelets, synthesizers, hippies, beehives, doo wop; in short, real substance, you argue.

But let’s not forget the other 90s.

There was neon. There were platform, six-inch heels. There was flipped hair and colored sunglasses.

One word could define it: simple. Yet another could: fun.

There was also the fashion spurred on by never-do-cares like Kurt Cobain. Baggy flannel shirts, tight wife beaters without bras, cargo pants, Doc Martens. Everyone ran around dressing like grunge dykes. No one gave a fuck. It was hot.

I salute you, 90s, for not giving a fuck.

Simmerdown Sundays

Another cute, breezy song for a beautifully weathered Sunday.

Rabbit! - Fall Into Love.


Spring 2.0

Free legal download of this song can be found here.

Breezy and fun - this will be on rotation constantly as we move into the Summer months.


So You Need A Spring Lover Jam?

This song is like gumdrops and Rootbeer floats at the local ice cream parlor... I am obsessed and in a sugar coma! I've been listening to it back to back while day dreaming of warm days of summer, cut-offs, bronze cuties and bikes! What's not to love?

Discovery is pretty irresistible. The creative electronic project of two musical darlings: Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot is behind the delectably syrupy vocals and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend is the electro-synth brains. The whole album is impressive and really fun to listen to.

Tracks that should not be missed: Swing Tree, So Insane, Osaka Loop Line, and It's Not My Fault (It's My Fault)

PS: They do a Jackson 5 cover, "I Want You Back", which is a fucking gem!

Just because

This is currently on repeat on my computer. So I think it should be on repeat on everybody's. (P.S. I know it's old, don't even get me started.)

MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend)


She's today's honorable Hot Slut on Dlisted, but Ruth Flowers (aka Mamy Rock), 69, is more than that: she's also a fucking good DJ. She's a big name on the French DJ circuit, where many of her fans are less than half her age. Visit her MySpace for some fresh mixes.

“If they love it, I should keep on playing, and I hope they keep on dancing.”


Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above, Lovefoxxx.

She calls herself Lovefoxxx. We call her Let’sMakeLovefoxxx. Whenever we hear a track she touches, we just wanna get down. If that’s so bad, we don’t wanna be right. She teams up with Japan’s 80Kidz for her latest example of O-inducing pleasure:

80kidz - Spoiledboy (feat. Lovefoxxx)

You can hear more from her and her amazing band CSS at their blog, which is equally informative and hilarious.


Retro Wednesdays: Gary Numan

Recently when I was watching the seasons of The Mighty Boosh all over again, I came across this:

Which reminded me of how much I love Gary Numan.

The now 51 year old emo-looking electronic man was one of the first people to use synthesizers in his music, successfully. Vince Noir states that he created electronic music. A musical pioneer.

The Pleasure Principle from 1979 is a great album, and his most successful track to date is Cars. (OK, it's probably "Are We Friends" but recently I've had an obsession with wanting to sing Cars at karaoke so I'm posting this song instead).

Even Stewie Griffin has had a take on Cars.

So below is the original clip for Cars, but I highly recommend spending the rest of the day enjoying The Pleasure Principle. Other awesome tracks are M.E. and Engineers.


Elly and Beth.

And while you are wondering if those of us that contribute to Electrobitches are just going to pine over and play Elly Jackson and Beth Ditto, fear not. We'll be mixing it up. They are just this week's awesome inspiration.

Today, I've had an 80's Party Mix on repeat. Probably some of the worst songs of all time. Lose.

So yes, I like awesomely terrible music some (OK, a lot) of the time. And I'll likely be a bitch about it.

But when we here at Electrobitches pick up some good music, we'll let you know. Today's posted remix pretty much sums up two of my favorite albums of 2009.

And those Electrobitches?

We are those girls who are wearing some heinous 80's jacket on New Years Eve instead of a fancy dress. We'll tell the DJ to fuck off when he doesn't know who Cut Copy is. We'll get kicked out of a bar on a Thursday night because we've side-swiped the DJ on his MacBook trying to play Journey for a second time that night.

Basically Electrobitches is an attitude. We like music. We like electronics. And we'll tell you about it. Probably aggressively.


Electrobitches Unite

You've got the hair.

You've got the style.

You've got the attitude.

You've now got a resource.