L Word Power

I was just having a discussion with a fellow electrobitch/contributor about the prevalence of lesbians in the electrobitch community - Beth Ditto and Hannah Blilie (The Gossip), Luiza Sa/Ana Rezende/Carolina Parra (CSS), and Elly Jackson (La Roux - OK, she's bi, whatever) to name a few. Yeah yeah, I know we always talk about them. We can't help it.

Now I would also love to include another favorite band, Tegan & Sara, in that illustrious grouping but they're not really electro in any way. Luckily, The Ramshackle Kings decided to enter another dimension and make the lesbian duo into electrobitches for a day (or two). "Living Room" is a T&S classic, and easily one of my favorite songs; and now it's been masterfully remixed/covered.

Living Room (Tegan & Sara)
by Ramshackle Kings

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