Retro Wednesdays: Gary Numan

Recently when I was watching the seasons of The Mighty Boosh all over again, I came across this:

Which reminded me of how much I love Gary Numan.

The now 51 year old emo-looking electronic man was one of the first people to use synthesizers in his music, successfully. Vince Noir states that he created electronic music. A musical pioneer.

The Pleasure Principle from 1979 is a great album, and his most successful track to date is Cars. (OK, it's probably "Are We Friends" but recently I've had an obsession with wanting to sing Cars at karaoke so I'm posting this song instead).

Even Stewie Griffin has had a take on Cars.

So below is the original clip for Cars, but I highly recommend spending the rest of the day enjoying The Pleasure Principle. Other awesome tracks are M.E. and Engineers.

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  1. This is the best post I ever did. Thank you for reminding me that at 150.

    Remember that time I almost cried at Coachella when Gary Numan couldn't play due to vocanic activity?