Elly and Beth.

And while you are wondering if those of us that contribute to Electrobitches are just going to pine over and play Elly Jackson and Beth Ditto, fear not. We'll be mixing it up. They are just this week's awesome inspiration.

Today, I've had an 80's Party Mix on repeat. Probably some of the worst songs of all time. Lose.

So yes, I like awesomely terrible music some (OK, a lot) of the time. And I'll likely be a bitch about it.

But when we here at Electrobitches pick up some good music, we'll let you know. Today's posted remix pretty much sums up two of my favorite albums of 2009.

And those Electrobitches?

We are those girls who are wearing some heinous 80's jacket on New Years Eve instead of a fancy dress. We'll tell the DJ to fuck off when he doesn't know who Cut Copy is. We'll get kicked out of a bar on a Thursday night because we've side-swiped the DJ on his MacBook trying to play Journey for a second time that night.

Basically Electrobitches is an attitude. We like music. We like electronics. And we'll tell you about it. Probably aggressively.

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