Watch and be Weird.

Ok we found this on Jezebel this morning. It's some weirdo loving himself on Chatroulette dancing around to Lady Gaga's Telephone.

Who are these creeps on Chatroulette? Like what about that old guy (I think there are like two that come up) that pop up on the visitor screen? I do not get Chatroulette. I feel like it is only for creeps and bored people, like my friend Ryan and Ashton Kutcher.

Seriously. My friend Ryan was on Chatroulette (I would place him under the "bored while drunk" category) and Ashton Kutcher comes up on his screen. So Ryan and company flick AK off and then sign off.

Win? or Lose?

This guy dancing around to Lady Gaga sums up my feelings on Chatroulette. It is weird, uncomfortable, and for people who probably need to get out more.

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  1. Where did he get all those outfits? I mean, who doesn't keep around wigs and women's underwear... but that looks like a full wardrobe!