Uh, I'll hang with you, Robyn

Robyn - Hang With Me (DROP OUT ORCHESTRA REMIX) by Dr.Kable


7 Letters, Across

What makes this mix so good?

Lykke Li.


Holy Ghost, Cut Copy, Beth Ditto. But 32 letters is a little long for a proper crossword.

FEB 2011 MIX by tronikyouth

1. Max Essa - Midnight And A New Direction (Visti + Meyland Mix)
2. Holy Ghost - Do It Again
3. Chicken Lips Presents The Rhythm oddessy - Move Groove (Dr Dunks Mix)
4. Golden Bug - Do The Washing Machine (Midnight Mike Mix)
5. The Drums - Me And The Moon (Clock Opera Mix)
6. Munk - Keep My Secret (Rory Phillips Club Mix)
7. Dmx Crew - Disco Theme
8. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Mix)
9. ELO - Evil Woman (Edit)
10. Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Mylo Mix)
11. Beth Ditto - I Wrote The Book
12. Retriever - Murder (Headman Remix)
13. Moullinex - Love It Is Then
14. Domonic Peirce - Vibrations
15. Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Fare Soldi Mix)
16. Sénor Stereo - Unintentional Feat.Danny Daze (U-Tern Remix)
17. Giorgio Moroder & Martin Brodin - The Chase 2011 (Martin Brodin Dubbed Out Mix)
18. White Sea - Ladykiller (Gigamesh Remix)
19. The Dirtboms - Shari Vari


Physical Fridays

Alert the presses. Breakbot is now on SoundCloud. And he wants you to get physical. Listen and dance, please.

yuksek - extraball (bbot remix) by breakbot ed banger


I Just Can't Get Enough

Swedish siren Lykke Li is pulling out all the stops for her upcoming album Wounded Rhymes. She's released two singles. One was the teaser "Get Some." To be honest, it didn't make me want to run to the store to get some, yaknowwhatimean. But recently released "I Follow Rivers" had me mesmerized from the first note. My infatuation deepened with The Magician's stellar remix. Here's a reminder.

Lykke Li "I Follow Rivers" The Magician Remix by TheMagician

And now, my girl has done it again. "I Follow Rivers" can stand on its own, but god does it brighten with each remix. This time, Dave Sitek takes a turn.

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix) by LykkeLi

Keep it up, kids.



Introducing: Sammy Bananas

Hot Brooklyn-based DJ Sammy Bananas is gracing the DC Metro area with his presence this Friday at DC9. I expected big things when I heard resident wonder boy Gavin Holland would be introducing him, but some things are bigger than others. And I'm not talking about his bananas. I'm talking about his beats. My current favorite:

Sammy Bananas - Ladies by Sammybananas

You know I can't say no to the ladies. Or a really smooth production of old school jams meeting modern electronics.

I also always thought this approach should be taken to Jay-Z's "Girls Girls Girls" and Snoop Dogg and Pharell's "Beautiful". Just imagine it "girls, girls, girls, girls, girls I do adore/Beautifuuuuuul/girls, girls, girls, girls I do adore." OK, that's my piece.

Hope to see you kids at DC9 sooner than later.


Going Gaga for Gaga

Lady Gaga has introduced us to a remix of her new single "Scheiße." My, my Lady Gaga, are you ever multi-lingual. First it was "J'veux ton amour/et j'veux ton revenge" in "Bad Romance." Now it's "Ich bin mir absolut klar/Ich trag den Namen Monster."

One makes sense: "I want your love/I want your revenge." The other, not so much: "I am absolutely clear/I carry the name Monster." Yeah, Gaga, we get it. Little monsters etc. You're just lucky that you have a good ass beat in the background. Get it girl.

Lady Gaga - Scheiße (Remix) by gagadaily



Guess what?

Beth Ditto. On the blog. Again.

Mostly because she's released the 4 songs from her debut EP. Let's listen to my favorite.

Beth Ditto - Do You Need Someone

Yes, Beth, you can be the one. My one.


One Day Late

I am one day late for a Retro Wednesday post. But that doesn't mean the 80s are out of my head. In fact, they are stuck. Forever. Particularly this song:


She's Baaaaack

Hello boys and girls, if you've been following EB over the year(s) closely, you will know we are obsessed with a few choice individuals. And, well, we're at it again. We will have to gush over the lovely miss Beth Ditto once more because she's released a new single called "Open Heart Surgery." It's a catchy little ditty made in collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco. Take a peek below.



Mas y Mas

More and more of super DJ Barretso. Here he is again with some originals instead of mixes this time. I have to say, it really reminds me of his Futurecop! remix. I guess that's a good thing.

Barretso - Midnight Walk by BARRETSO

Barretso - We Won't Stop by BARRETSO

Barretso - Bright City Lights by BARRETSO

I also put in a request for "more disembodied voice" instead of "more cowbell." kthx.


Undefeated in the Competition of Band Names

The '96 Bulls calls to mind the glory seasons of the trifecta of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. It also calls to mind the best band name ever -- used by two lads from Melbourne who create sick electronic remixes. Here are a few of them to enjoy:

The Wombats - Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) ('96 Bulls Remix) by '96 Bulls

The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ ('96 Bulls Remix) by '96 Bulls

Miami Horror - I Look To You ('96 Bulls Remix) by '96 Bulls


Hot Off The Tweet: Barretso Minimix

Chilean super DJ Barretso has compiled his two minimixes into one and dubbed it, fittingly, "Mixes.". It's a thumping, wild mess of electronic goodness. Check it:



Echo? Echo.

We are one day late being the coolest blog in the game. But that's OK. You still like us, right readers? You know why you should? Because we're bringing you the newest single by Lykke Li, as other blogs would've done for you one day ago...Anyway, that's not important. What's important is the track. Listen/love:

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers by dynmk


The Magician Remix
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) (Radio Rip) by dynmk



San Luis Pleasing Me

There must be something in the water in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. We have our annointed disco king, Gil-D-Beat, hailing from there as well as the newly found Sunset Hunters.

Gil tipped us off to this duo. Their SoundCloud page opens with a smooth and sexy dub/house mix called "She Wants Marihuana." She may want marijuana, but we want more.

She Wants Marihuana - Sunset Hunters (original dub mix) by SUNSET HUNTERS

And, here's a bonus mixtape, from none other than Gil-D-Beat de nuevo.
I am dead by GIL-De-BEAT


Lost and FoundCloud

Well, we have been delinquent. While hard working artists go and make magic, we ignore them. A lot. That's about to change. We're finally checking our post-Christmas list, and checking it twice. When I say list, I mean e-mail and SoundCloud. We do, in fact, read our e-mail. Occasionally. We'll let the results of our inbox hunt speak for themselves.

Relativhen - Hacked Love by Relativhen


Psychic Powers - Dreamboat (RAC Mix) by Remix Artist Collective

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love (Isa GT-Castagno's Natural Fun Remix) by etoro


How Did I Miss This?

Apparently I spent all of 2010 being mediocre. Hey, I don't feel that bad, since it was the year of death. #2010sucked

However, I do feel bad I missed the super project of Joao Brasil, where he attempted to make 365 mashups in 2010 (one for every day of the year, duh).

Joao, you sexy beast.

Here are a few choice mashups to share with you all in 2011. Cheers to 2011 being the best year yet (before we all die in 2012).

Motinha Fantasy (João Brasil) by lontramusic

Look to you mijada (João Brasil) by joaobrasil

James Eastwood (João Brasil) by joaobrasil

Not So Retro Wednesday

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, but Laurel Halo makes some hot jams to roller skate underwater to.

This time, the rollerskating would be taking place firmly in the 80s. Not that this is a bad thing. Rollerskating's hay days were arguably in the 70s and 80s.

Just look at those skillz. And I know you remember going to the roller rink back in the day. 8th grade field trips what what. Enjoy Laurel's dreamy vocals on this track and reminisce.

Games – ‘Strawberry Skies’ (ft. Laurel Halo)