NEWZ BOP: it's like Kidz Bop without the Kidz. And with Newz.

Hey. Do you ever think that world news would be "catchier" and easier 4 U 2 understand if if could be condensed and generalized into a pop song? Me too.

THE OIL SPILL WON'T GO AWAY!!!!!!!! It's like it is singing this song to the Gulf Coast



Meet the Danimals. From Sydney, Australia. Apparently they are getting pretty popular there because their song was used on an ad or something.

Danimals - Fox

Fox by TEDTheLab.com

The song is alright. Its a little catchy, but its not something I am jumping out of comfortable chair for.

But let's face it, unless someone brought me a cold beer right now I doubt I would be jumping out of this chair for anything.

I just like that their name is Danimals since that is the name some people gave a crazy person who was screaming "sock fuck" at an international party I recently attended. Win.


Today's plain ol' bitch

Criminal Minds. Really?

Just listen.

I don't really find the call funny. More sad. I didn't even know there was a show out there called Criminal Minds, and this bitch is ready to have towns flattened by a tornado for the shows finale.

Although, my friend once had that Shemar Moore naked as her screen saver. It was pretty impressive. Maybe this lonely bitch needs her fix of Shemar with a big gulp of Franzia once a week to feel right.


Mid-Weeks 80's


Why have I not previously mentioned my favorite nightmare inducing movie (besides Dumbo) - Labyrnith.

David Bowie - Magic Dance

This video that I found suggests the D Bow God himself spells Cocaine during the song. I can't imagine doing a Magic Dance with ugly puppets without cocaine, so I'm guessing he was just mid-take and was signaling the movie staff for more of that sweet stuff.

What else can I talk about from my childhood?

The Blues Brothers.

Shit my Dad loved this movie. And us folk in Australia did not know what Saturday Night Live was, so I think it was our first introduction to the Blues Brothers duo. Now when I watch this movie I just want to drive a car through a mall and scare those regular peoples.

Blues Brothers - Twist It

I love this dance. I don't know why it isn't a institutionalized wedding reception dance like the god-awful chicken dance.

Also: Aretha Franklin then (Think)

Aretha Franklin now:

In case you haven't noticed, this post has nothing to do with electrobitches.


Weird Science

A real electrobitch. As in. That bitch was a robot.

Eh. Clearly I could do this all day. Listing movies that I like and the music from them. But at some point I have to pretend to work at my job. I encourage the other EB contributors to play along.

Happy Retro Wednesday.


the new GirlTalk?

Mochi Beats remixes and mashes in the same style of GirlTalk. Its fun, its crazy and you can download the album for free!

Some mixes don't work as well as I wish they did, but I love getting that kick out of hearing two songs you love being mashed together.

So check it out and judge for yourself.

SHOCKER: Iamamiwhoami is Britney Spears, maybe!


In the name of Fever Ray Monday (too late? too soon?), lets talk about the ever-so-viral, so-not-corporately sponsored anonymous artist, Iamamiwhoami.

Appears no one knows who the hell she is. How hipster. After an exhaustive five minute investigation involving vodka, Wikipedia, and little sodomy (for science), the electrobitches committee on internet mystery women has concluded that Iamamiwhoami is, in fact, Britney Spears. Quite frankly, the committee is surprised that people didn't figure this out sooner. Just look at her:

The deformed skin, deaden eyes, and shockingly white teeth all point to Britney Spears. Or maybe Richard Simmons? Whatever. Our real aim is talk about Iam's music, which, under time honored codes of internet-law, is creepy enough to warrant a post. And thank gin for that, because the music is pretty good.

Iam released a series of musical vignettes before any of her singles. Each one is a beautiful nugget of weirdness, combining experimental sounds, hints of pop rhythms, and cryptic imagery. Here is one, which we suggest viewing. For pleasure.

Ah, tree people: everyone's favorite. A lot people have compared Iam to our lady of immaculate electro, Fever Ray. Which is fine, we guess, but kind of lazy. We are going to take the bold step of not comparing her to anyone, because we are so into letting artwork stand on its own merit, without comparison or artificial labeling. (Read: we are even lazier). Lets end this rambling with her single "o", because fuck it, electrobitches likes it the best. Enjoy loyal reader(s?)! Also, congratulations to Britney. We can finally leave you alone.


X-Mas in June?

Sleigh Bells, the amazing boy-girl duo from Brooklyn, are finally releasing their deafening pop-dance-core-distortion magic.


The appropriately titled debut ablum, TREATS, is being physically released June 1. The full album was available on iTunes at the beginning of May. I whole-heartedly believe this is an album that is made for vinyl and will unfold like a budding flower underneath the record needle. That distortion and blown out percussion beckons to be read in ridges.

For those of you who just need to get down hard to a little pop, a little core, and a whole lotta electric....

This one's for you... The whole album is a fucking cupcake though, so eat up!
Goodies: Ring Ring, Crown on the Ground, Infinity Guitars, Beach Girls, Tell Em...

Pairings: Crown on the Ground and Tell Em
Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground by musicmule
Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em by musicmule

Link Time.

This is cool.

A whole bunch of Fever Ray remixes. My favourite being When I Grow Up.

The blogger even used an EB favourite video of Fever Ray accepting an award. Win.

Maybe we should make every Monday about Fever Ray. And then we can say "Happy Fever Ray Day" or "Have a pleasant Fever Ray Monday".


Karen Elson's debut album The Ghost Who Walks will be released tomorrow.

You can stream the full cd here. According to some(one), "the album makes me want to sit on a back porch in a hammock and drink alcohol".

Well said.

If you are wondering where you have seen Karen Elson before, she is a famous model and is married to Jack White, which should give her some credibility.

Below is the song The Ghost Who Walks

You can also stream the new Crystal Castles album here

Thanks Elise!

I love inter-racial couples.

I trust, electrobitches of the world, that you all are well-traveled and multi-lingual if you're reading this esteemed blog. Even if the only language you speak may be the language of awesome (or music, or whatever). Thus, I present to you the most delightfully multi-lingual video ever (Swedish and Portuguese, to be exact) - "Dansa Med Vapen (ft. Marina Gasolina)" by Maskinen.

Maskinen, a Swedish duo of rappers, push the Electro/Hip Hop envelope with influences from Baile Funk.

In their song/video "Dansa Med Vapen" they have enlisted the Brazilian Courtney Love (in looks), Marina Gasolina, to contribute to their catchy chorus - "Ah. Como eu sou rica e famosa. Já tá. Já tá com inveja espavorosa" = "Ah. How I'm rich and famous. Ah the jealousy of the powerful me."

NOTE: No zombie/tribal models were harmed in the making of this video.


(another) Simmerdown Sunday!

Love this song. Its been on repeat on my ipod for a couple of days now.

Danish duo.

Quadron - Pressure

Simmerdown Sundays

I've been sitting on this post for a while, clearly just too hungover/lazy to be posting on a Sunday.

Angus and Julia Stone - and the boys

Brother and sister duo from Australia. Lovely. Julia's voice has a very Joanna Newsom quality about it. I once saw them do a cover of that Chumbawamba song at a music festival and I loved it. Their music is perfect for nestling in on a Sunday.

Angus and Julia Stone - Mango Tree (live)


The New Clique on the Scene

The ingenious and humorous Chicago-based duo of The Hood Internet is always at it in the twisted webs of the net; serving up hot mash-ups almost weekly. Their appearance at SXSW this year may seal their fate as the next big GirlTalk-esk group. Gasp. I said it. Girltalk needs some stiff competition and these guys are more than up for the challenge.

I know that mash-ups are sometimes over-worked and lacking thoughtful musical consideration… THI pieces together nostalgia with the relatively unknown and it sure is tasty.

Here is one of their latest mixtapes. These are an easy remedy to party tunes/ playlists.… Enjoy their entire archives on their website: www.thehoodinternet.com

The Hood Internet MIXTAPES by hoodinternet


Okay Baby eBitches...

After a long, meth-fueled hiatus full of trailer park parties and straight backwoods trance...

I'm here. I'm Back. So let us get real real for a second.

JAY-Z - Public Service Announcement (Jay Todd Ooh Child Mix) by Jay Todd

Simmerdown Saturday

It might not be Sunday, but it's definitely a good time for some mellow music to combat hangovers. If ambient pop music does the trick for you, take a gander at Flight Facilities.

Although frequently compared to Groove Armada and Air, FF has a pleasing sound all its own. My particular favorite is "Crave You" (ft. Giselle). Listen below.

Flight Facilities - Crave You (ft. Giselle).

You can also check out remixes from the C90s, Cassian, and Bxcentric here (though I prefer the original).


The truth is I am Iron Man.

I didn't think I was going to like the movie but I did. It is an overly-romanticized tale of cold war politics and globalization from an American perspective. Although he is technically in conflict with the government, Iron Man is the United States and Ivan-the-Mikey-Rourke-bad-guy is mother Russia . USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USSRcrap USA USA

Haha, but get this: even though there were other songs in the movie, the only songs on the soundtrack are the ones by AC/DC. So on Wikipedia for 'Iron Man (soundtrack)' it says, "Iron Man 2 is an album by hard rock band AC/DC"

Therefore it's not on the soundtrack, but here is a song from the movie which is incidentally a favorite Clash song of mine:

ADDENDUM POST SCRIPT: I would prolly bite Robert Downey jr's lips off if I ever had the chance. 
And I mean that in the best way possible.
Here are some mostly-attractive reasons why 
(starting at 0:35 - you will observe RDJ growing INEXPLICABLY yet exponentially hotter with age, except for a few parts like the one at 1:15)


Just because

I like it.

Gold Panda - You


Friday on the Intertubes

Friend just sent me this. I'm guessing we can spend our weekends perfecting our aim : The Full Extension

Anyways. This weeks Modern Family episode was about that family pic, and it got me thinking about some classics. Late last year my family and I went on a road trip, and in preperation for it my sister sent me this exact list of photos saying that she wanted to recreate every single one of them. No joke.

The tie dye group:

With Green Man:

Karate Chop:

With cool shades and kind of reminds me of Blossom

Our family never recreated any. Instead my brother, this year, decided to try and look like Peter Griffin in his high school year book photo. This isn't a joke.

Ha. What a charmer. He parted his hair and borrowed glasses.


This is a long one

Kelis covering La Roux In for the Kill.

I feel like she looks really bored. She does a good job, its really mellow and Kelis made it so I could actually understand the lyrics.

And I'm posting the original because I love it. It was La Roux's first single. Also - how crazy is their popularity these days? Bulletproof took a year to take off but now its everywhere.

Since I'm posting about La Roux. I want to mention their Coachella stint (yes, I'm writing this like a month too late). Outside the tent where you could line up and get autographs, La Roux had three people painted in gold promoting their 8pm show. It was weird. Not many other acts had promotion, just kinda expected people to show up. And people did show up for the La Roux show. The tent was packed. With screaming young people. Like the young people from LA that would just drive down for the day and do a whole bunch of drugs. They were the audience.

Anyways, Elly did a great job. I was burdened with sun stroke, my friend Jackie was throwing up, and we still enjoyed their performance. To be honest, her vocals were shaky at the beginning, but she had hit her stride by the third song. I'm Not Your Toy was my favourite. They also did a cover of the Rolling Stone's Under My Thumb. It was good. I tried to find a video, and there is one on the Tube of the Coachella performance but its painful to watch. Here is Elly rocking it at the Wonder Ballroom.

Sidenote > This is how I feel today:

And it's a beautiful Friday! Why do I always drink myself into oblivion on a Thursday night?

via and prop's to Glade for the Coachella pic.


Who is this guy with the stupid face?

"Paul Kalkbrenner". Allegedly. Whatever.
This seems like a song some of you may enjoy, however, at your evening sunset cocktail parties where you are probably drinking not the cheapest champagne, but certainly on the less expensive side of things, shall-we-say.

I'm not in a good mood right now. Not for any real reason. Sometimes I just have to reach my bad-mood quota for the month. So a lot of "new" "fun" "dancey" music I might otherwise be open to is just sounding REALLY stupid right now.

Here is Nite Jewel - Lover

Youtube commenter bebowilliams suggests it is an "Awesome makeout song!" and this comment was given a thumbs up 6 other times, so bebowilliams is probably right.

3 months ago, commenter mowgly3000 made the astute observation that this is a "Roxy Music cover. I think I like this take way better than the original. Thanks Italians Do It Better. Keep em comin"

6 months ago Phavonic said, "Nowhere near as good as the original, regardless of the hookers."

And then DetectiveUtah said, "well,we're all waiting for someone like you to show us the way GENIOUS!"


I just love the way that Bill Compton says Sookie Stackhouse. Its creepy and sexy all at the same time.

The new soundtrack is streaming online for free, and its pretty good. Really it just makes me excited for season 3. But there are some new singles on there, and its all in the article that provides the stream that I'm going to link to here




Last night I posted about a mixtape, and since then I've been listening to Nancy Sinatra from that mixed tape. And I love it.

Everyone and their Mum including Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson (really?) have covered this song. And I'm posting it because I need a break from this shit day at work and this song is providing it.

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking.

I want to be in music videos that were shot live in he 60s. Maybe just go on tour around middle America as a back up dancer. Or a band member For June Carter Cash. I'm sure its better than sitting in this home office overdosing on Wasabi Peas.


For the a real Retro Wednesday post, I introduce

Pierre Henry - Teen Tonic

The video is wicked. Very 60's LSD. As in, someone made it on their computer in the 90's. But the song is all the way from 1967! Not the 80's! This Pierre dude made crazy psyche rock for le movies. Yes, there are no lyrics, but its for the moooovies and I'm running with a 60's theme here.

Wake me up when its the weekend. Thanks.


A Heads Up

Head Underwater posted Got A Girl Crush's newest mixtape and now I'm posting here. Get it?

Got A Girl Crush has some great taste in music, and to make it more simple for us all, has made a mixtape so we can just plug it in our ipods and groove away.

The list of trackers are here

and you can Download Here



It feels disco

Hold on my heart remix - Sarah Blasko Remixed by the Presets by electrobitches

Aussie artist Sarah Blasko remixed by fellow Aussies The Presets.

Its light, fun, and feel like 70's disco music. I could imagine roller skating while listening

Free Download along with other music: Via Triple J


About Last Night.

Drunk girl came out last night. Lose.

That drunk girl who sings too loudly while watching a live band. Ruining your chance of enjoying that old Deer Tick song.

That drunk girl who picks fights with her friends as well as strangers and picks up a large fries from McDonalds for her walk home alone.

Drunk girl who has this song on repeat in her head:

The Grates - Inside Outside

That drunk girl who has yet to get out of bed today. Will probably only get out of bed to pull it together to bring out drunk girl once again tonight.

Only this time to have this song playing on repeat:

Florence + the Machine - The Drumming Song (live)

I have a bit of a crush on the talent of Florence. She is younger than me. Crushing.

And finally for good measure -

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

Hope you are having a bitchin' weekend.


Pop for the Weekend

Washington - Rich Kids

Video from a live performance at Falls Festival in Australia 09/10. Its just easy, fun, breezy pop music for some great weather today and fun this weekend.

So enjoy.

New Best Friend

Leslie Knope.

Yep. She is a fictional character from a show not enough people are watching Parks and Recreation.

And she is hilarious. I'm obsessed with her ridiculousness.

And how she just says whatever she wants.

And is a lunatic.

And my fav Leslie quote: "There are very few things I have asked for in this world. To build a new park from scratch, to eventually become President and to one day solve a murder on a train"


Just watch the show. Its electrobitch endorsed.


You say distrubing, I say pure WIN.

Do you know what separates we "bitches de la electro" from the rest of humanity? We're always ready to party. Day or night, rain or shine, with the U.G.L.Y or the hotties, we are ready to boogie with the best of them.

"But wait, oh mighty electrobitch!", I hear the lame-faces saying, "What about after a horrific car accident? Surely you must not want to party then!"

Not only would we want to party, we'd get the injured to party with us. Fun is the only way to heal. Haven't you seen the Patch Adams!?!?!? Clearly, the Icelandic band Berndsen agrees with us, as evidence by their "Supertime" video.

You're Welcome.


Mid-Week 80's: Rap Style

People who only love old-school hip-hop, by and large, don't know what they're talking about. As if music couldn't be fun or interesting today. But this video gives you an idea of what they're talking about- no one in this video is taking themselves seriously, not even the 19 (!!) year old Jay-Z. People are having fun! And not sexy fun. The fun that comes from telling a story.

A novelty track in the style of the Fresh Prince, "Hawaiian Sophie" owns a clever little beat that shows going electric doesn't have to mean going aggressive. It'd be nice if there were more songs like this.

What becomes of the broken-hearted: a retro Wednesday playlist

Hey all you ElectroSnitches.

Have you ever suffered a bad breakup with a significant other? Probably.

You had a text-messaging convo like this:
"That's cool that U update yr FB status from yr iPhone b4 U txt me bak."
"Wat? Sry babe i didnt evn see that"

----fast-forward 40 minutes, to a point of the story in which Significant Other has come over after work and you two are arguing face-to-face in your bedroom. There is some foot-stamping. Some finger-pointing. Things are said. Like:
"But you said you LOVED me! I said 'I love you,' and you said, 'I love you too' !!!"
"I SAID I love U2. They are a ROCK band from DUBLIN fudging IRELAND. I thought WE were talking about things we LOVE."




From Berlin.

This video is weird. I like it.


We've Passed 100 Posts!

We're making moves kids. I'm excited.

Light Asylum - A Certain Person

I love the horses in the song.



Am I an electrobitch?


So as a loyal reader of this popular and influential Weblog, you probably have a few questions at this point. You probably catch yourself feeling a little excluded sometimes, thinking things like, "wow, I identify with this 'blog....... but does this 'blog identify with me? Am I an electrobitch?"

The simple answer is: Yes. You are.

It doesn't matter if you are boy/girl/something else/skinny/fat/into boys/into girls/into something else/blahdyblahdyblahdyblahdy-blah. You get it. You're an electrobitch.

I don't even like the word "bitch" at ALL, but if I'm one, you are one too. That's the only way it works. That, and you have to put an "electro" on the front.

Anyway, we get a lot of fan mail here in the EB office, which is great! Send more!
So in the spirit of this occasion of explaining 'electrobitch' to you, we have carefully chosen some of the best fan art to post here. Here are some electrobitches.
Some girls are bigger than others... some of y'all have better photoshopping skillz than others. But you all have HEART.


Retro Wednesdays... for REAL.

For this installment of Retro Wednesdays, electrobitches stretches all the way back to the 80s... at least, that's what we usually say. BUT NO MORE!

Today my little electrobitches, gather around the screen and watch this gem from 1978. OK, so that is pretty close to the 80s, but whatever, its not like we are getting paid to do this or anything.

Hot Gossip's video for "I lost my Heart to a Star Ship Trooper" is wild disco adventure into what was apparently the gayest part of Star Wars craze. (Question: was Star Wars ever not gay? This little man says no) Seriously, check out those boys in the background, they've got moves girl.


Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Before I find myself sitting at a bar sucking back tequila later today, I want to share some of the joy I have found on this glorious day, Cinco de Mayo.

Robert Rodriguez has released a trailer for his new movie Machete directed at the state of Arizona.

And it is awesome. Some kicking ass, and Lindsay Lohan in a nun's habit. Really?

Arizona has apparently messed with the wrong Mexican.

So go fuck with some right Mexicans and wash it all down with my night time lovah - Tequila


For May 11th

A whole bunch of fun albums come out next week, but I just want to share my excitement about Sleigh Bells debut CD. They are hyped, and this track is RCRDLBL's posted song of the day, so by next week people should be jumping for joy at the albums release.




A very cool mixtape has been made available over at Head Underwater

So to mix up your Monday, I recommend you head over there and download it.



Simmerdown Sundays

This video/song/group is not breaking news. However, I did learn recently that Monsters of Folk is composed of basically the coolest people on earth - Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame and M. Ward of She & Him (among other things). I'm also pretty sure they read electrobitches.

So here is their video for "Dear God," which is, in fact, an amazing song.

Summer Dance.

I want to talk about

Darwin Deez

a band from New York City that has become pretty popular across the pond.

Their music is catchy, poppy and fun. Their album released a couple of weeks ago, and here in the newest single:

Radar Detector

and my favorite video that they have on youtube

The Spring Dance.

(yeah isn't it technically still spring even though its hot as balls outside?)


Microsoft on drugs, nasty sex

Do YOU have a new Microsoft KIN phone???

If your answer is no-- you probably want one now:

What's going on here?

This bro

Is "SEXTING"about his naked man-chest at 0:35!!!!!
SEXTING = taking sexual pictures and sending them as a text message.

Apparently some peeps got mad and Microsoft had to pull the advertisement off the air.
(Bill Gates was all like, "But what about Edward Sharpe and his magnetic band they're sooo good")

Sorry, y'all. Time to go HOME! (hahaha)

But what else is going on here?

This girl is looking a little too happy--prolly on drugs

Is Microsoft encouraging free love and/or XTC drug parties?

Microsoft sez: "U can use yr phone 2 buy drugs! Txt msg- kewl"