About Last Night.

Drunk girl came out last night. Lose.

That drunk girl who sings too loudly while watching a live band. Ruining your chance of enjoying that old Deer Tick song.

That drunk girl who picks fights with her friends as well as strangers and picks up a large fries from McDonalds for her walk home alone.

Drunk girl who has this song on repeat in her head:

The Grates - Inside Outside

That drunk girl who has yet to get out of bed today. Will probably only get out of bed to pull it together to bring out drunk girl once again tonight.

Only this time to have this song playing on repeat:

Florence + the Machine - The Drumming Song (live)

I have a bit of a crush on the talent of Florence. She is younger than me. Crushing.

And finally for good measure -

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

Hope you are having a bitchin' weekend.

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