SHOCKER: Iamamiwhoami is Britney Spears, maybe!


In the name of Fever Ray Monday (too late? too soon?), lets talk about the ever-so-viral, so-not-corporately sponsored anonymous artist, Iamamiwhoami.

Appears no one knows who the hell she is. How hipster. After an exhaustive five minute investigation involving vodka, Wikipedia, and little sodomy (for science), the electrobitches committee on internet mystery women has concluded that Iamamiwhoami is, in fact, Britney Spears. Quite frankly, the committee is surprised that people didn't figure this out sooner. Just look at her:

The deformed skin, deaden eyes, and shockingly white teeth all point to Britney Spears. Or maybe Richard Simmons? Whatever. Our real aim is talk about Iam's music, which, under time honored codes of internet-law, is creepy enough to warrant a post. And thank gin for that, because the music is pretty good.

Iam released a series of musical vignettes before any of her singles. Each one is a beautiful nugget of weirdness, combining experimental sounds, hints of pop rhythms, and cryptic imagery. Here is one, which we suggest viewing. For pleasure.

Ah, tree people: everyone's favorite. A lot people have compared Iam to our lady of immaculate electro, Fever Ray. Which is fine, we guess, but kind of lazy. We are going to take the bold step of not comparing her to anyone, because we are so into letting artwork stand on its own merit, without comparison or artificial labeling. (Read: we are even lazier). Lets end this rambling with her single "o", because fuck it, electrobitches likes it the best. Enjoy loyal reader(s?)! Also, congratulations to Britney. We can finally leave you alone.


  1. I would believe it was B Spears if the video showed some Velveeta Cheese Grits

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  3. good post my son. i havent heard of this Iam character yet, but will drink vodka and investigate myself.

  4. Don't forget the sodomy (for science)!