the new GirlTalk?

Mochi Beats remixes and mashes in the same style of GirlTalk. Its fun, its crazy and you can download the album for free!

Some mixes don't work as well as I wish they did, but I love getting that kick out of hearing two songs you love being mashed together.

So check it out and judge for yourself.


  1. Wait. Didn't Glade just say The Hood Internet was the New GirlTalk? This needs to be decided in a battle to the death. Dance party?

  2. Totally. Thats why I had to say that Mochi was the new GirlTalk. I'm ready for the dance off challenge. Just check out Gifted Stop by MochI.

    Kanye and Glee? In one song? The best lose ever.

    The Goose song also? I want to be in a club one day and say "I need my third bottle of Grey Goose. Thanks."

    - Rach

  3. Also. 2manydjs are absolutely amazing at the mashup game. But they are best live. Since they show these incredible videos.

  4. As heard on radio soul wax is the new girl talk. Oh wait, I guess that means I agree with Rachelle. Do you remember when Thom showed us that Kayly?