The truth is I am Iron Man.

I didn't think I was going to like the movie but I did. It is an overly-romanticized tale of cold war politics and globalization from an American perspective. Although he is technically in conflict with the government, Iron Man is the United States and Ivan-the-Mikey-Rourke-bad-guy is mother Russia . USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USSRcrap USA USA

Haha, but get this: even though there were other songs in the movie, the only songs on the soundtrack are the ones by AC/DC. So on Wikipedia for 'Iron Man (soundtrack)' it says, "Iron Man 2 is an album by hard rock band AC/DC"

Therefore it's not on the soundtrack, but here is a song from the movie which is incidentally a favorite Clash song of mine:

ADDENDUM POST SCRIPT: I would prolly bite Robert Downey jr's lips off if I ever had the chance. 
And I mean that in the best way possible.
Here are some mostly-attractive reasons why 
(starting at 0:35 - you will observe RDJ growing INEXPLICABLY yet exponentially hotter with age, except for a few parts like the one at 1:15)

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