Mid-Weeks 80's


Why have I not previously mentioned my favorite nightmare inducing movie (besides Dumbo) - Labyrnith.

David Bowie - Magic Dance

This video that I found suggests the D Bow God himself spells Cocaine during the song. I can't imagine doing a Magic Dance with ugly puppets without cocaine, so I'm guessing he was just mid-take and was signaling the movie staff for more of that sweet stuff.

What else can I talk about from my childhood?

The Blues Brothers.

Shit my Dad loved this movie. And us folk in Australia did not know what Saturday Night Live was, so I think it was our first introduction to the Blues Brothers duo. Now when I watch this movie I just want to drive a car through a mall and scare those regular peoples.

Blues Brothers - Twist It

I love this dance. I don't know why it isn't a institutionalized wedding reception dance like the god-awful chicken dance.

Also: Aretha Franklin then (Think)

Aretha Franklin now:

In case you haven't noticed, this post has nothing to do with electrobitches.


Weird Science

A real electrobitch. As in. That bitch was a robot.

Eh. Clearly I could do this all day. Listing movies that I like and the music from them. But at some point I have to pretend to work at my job. I encourage the other EB contributors to play along.

Happy Retro Wednesday.


  1. my friend was telling me last night how his brother works in this studio in detroit where Aretha records sometimes. he said everyone who works there calls her Jaba the Hutt because when she comes in, she goes off in her own private room and she does not sit down, she lounges across couches and stuff like that.

    on another note: was the chick in weird science a robot? or did she just magically come to life from the computer. i havent seen the movie but i feel i should.

  2. I tried so hard to find an embeddable video for General Public's tenderness (my favorite song from the weird science soundtrack), but I couldn't. FAIL.

    Also. When in doubt, check Wikipedia:

    "During the big night, a lightning bolt strikes the house, supercharging the computer, and funneling an extremely strengthened version, of their original data into the Barbie doll, that they are using to make the girl. The bathroom door is blown to smithereens, as the doll, now a beautiful flesh and blood woman walks out, asking them, "So...what would you little maniacs like to do first?"

    So it is a real woman made from computer data and barbie parts. yeah. I am going to go ahead and keep on calling her a robot. For simplicity.