Post 150: We are CHAMPIONS.

So here we are at post 150. What a long, strange, three-and-a-half month-long journey. We've talked about electronic bitches, plain old bitches, and for some reason Robert Downey Jr. Occasionally, we also talk about music, maybe!

Lets face it. After 150 posts, we are now famous. B-rack Obamar calls us all the time is all like "I hatez the spills, but lurv your blog" we are all like "what-eves, the only person we like to talk is Sarah Pay-Me-lin, but thx NE-way".

After all, how could we NOT be famous? This is how we dress on Friday nights.

Please, lame-faces, please explain to us how you could not bow down and kiss our gout ridden feet (TMI?) upon glancing our glorious visages.

In honor of our awesomeness and 150th post, here is an oldie but goldie from Felix da housecat and kittzens. It is called happy hour, and it is all about how Kittzens is famous and awesome and loves to drink, which also describes electrobitches. Enjoy, but be WARNED, the song sounds better with headphones/good sound system (this warning applies mostly to people (person?) who reads us at work)

FOLLOW UP QUESTION: Does a song from 2001 qualify as a Retro Wednesday post?