Kick. Ass. Video.

PVT - Formally known as Pivot (but had to change their name to come to AMERICA because there was some other band in AMERICA called Pivot and they threatened legal action so Pivot, originally from aussieland, are now PVT).

PVT - Window.

Great song - and the first person video is awesome.

PVT - Window (formerly Pivot) from Warp Records on Vimeo.


This shit with the name changing happens alot between the OZ and the US. And I guess everywhere else in the world. But when the the BK ventured to Australia that had to change their name from Burger King to Hungry Jacks because there was already a King of the Burgers in town. So now all over Australia when Americans are craving a Whopper with cheese for breakfast they have to roam around town in fear and hesitation cause they have to get their fix from HJs. Hungry Jacks.

Good story right?

Yes, that is Bindi Irwin. And yes, she liked my story.

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