You're the only thing that matters, Jan Terri.


For today's Retro Wednesday Post, electrobitches is going on a strange and mysterious journey to a time known as the early 90s. The vessel? Jan Terri.

Jan Terri! Jan Terri? Jan Terri. How do you even start to speak of this fabulous whoa-man? Well, that is actually a stupid question. To start talking about Jan Terri, we will inevitably employee our generation's primary style: snarkily claiming our ironic love for some part of the cultural fringe. So lets start there!

We lurv J. Ter-bo. She should quit her day jerb and make nauseating videos 4life! This what Tim and Eric do, and they are fucking awesome. Oh dear, we forgot lame-faces exist, and you all don't know who J. Ter-bo is or why we lurv her. This should clear things up.

We know what you are thinking: holy shit this lady is amazing/awful, har har har! Normally, this is where the conversation with Jan Terri ends. Post the video on a few people's wall, break it out at parties (oh man, our parents must think we are kind of laming for doing this. But hey, it is the 21st century so, har har, go fuck yourself!) , and be done with Janni Terri-Mo-berri.

This lady is too important simply let her fade into the internet mist. She represents something that we've kind of forgot. Sincerity. No multiple-layers of references, ironic detachment, and a healthy dose of nihilism between Jan Terri and the rest of the world. She is want she is, loves who she loves, and doesn't care who knows it. How bad ass is that?

Not to say you shouldn't get a chuckle out of her videos. We are not posting for her musical virtuoso. But instead of leaving comments like "If you stick your fingers up your ass for ten seconds, then sniff them, it is as if you are actually in the muzic video!" we ask that you take a step back and try and understand her awesomeness, on like, a whole other level. Man. The electrobitches committee on internet mystery women is embarking on a long term (eh, maybe three posts. Most likely two) investigation on Jan Terri. Come back soon to learn more, maybe!

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