There are other Fevers besides the Ray

Meet Yellow Fever.

I first became acquainted with them as the openers to a Voxtrot show. They had a great mellow electropop vibe.

They have a song called Cats and Rats and I swear it will be stuck in your head for days. Cats and rats and cats and rats and cats and rats. You can put any other two words in there and it works just as well – ice and cream and ice and cream and ice and cream (I’m not sure why that’s an example, but I think I want dessert).

Anyway, the intrepid Daniel J. Hopkins approached Yellow Fever drummer, Adam Jones, with our new feature: EBOQI, or Electrobitches One Question Interview [name subject to change]

DJH: Do you like to eat meatloaf on Mondays?
AJ: No.

Thank you, Dan, for starting us off in a painfully awkward way. I love it. [A side note: I wanted to ask them if they really had yellow fever (since I’m Asian and creepy I thought it appropriate), but Dan’s question won the day by default because he spied a Yellow Fever band member first.]

Here's to next time!


  1. Nothing I like more than being awkward around talented people.

  2. Also, they have sic t-shirts.

  3. I want to wear mine tonight...