She is confusing.

M.I.A is leaking shit all over the place to confuse folks before her CD release date. Basically, she is taking a stance against the internet. Because sharing information and accessing music is so terrible. Clearly M.I.A. has been on fire recently, being as creative as using a blimp at Coachella for promotion, starting a war with gingers and picking fights with anyone who dares to talk back.

The thing is, I just want her music to be as good as her game. I really want her music to be good. I want M.I.A to excite the shit out of me. And recently it's just not happening.

Here is some song that was played on some BBC show. Or something. This song is not on her album track list. She is confusing.

Judge the song for yourself.

M.I.A - Steppin' Up.

M.I.A. - Stepping Up by sheenabeaston

And unlike M.I.A, I love the intertubes, and I love sharing music, I'm going to share this site that I love for finding some great, weird and interesting mixtapes. It is all for free. Happy explorin'.


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