What's on my mindgrapes?! (Part II)

Today while looking at my favorite Spanish language music blog - No Naci en Manchester (translation: I wasn't born in Manchester) I stumbled upon a feature article on Munk from Gomma Records. Included were two tracks from the Gomma Dance Tracks record - Munk – La Musica (Radio Edit) and Munk – La Musica (Mercury Remix).

Now I'd never heard of Munk and, of course, wanted to know more. I clicked on the first song and was blasted with intense bass and a garbled/warped voice. My co-worker (yes, I am a terrible employee and was playing music while I should be doing real work), Sean Peoples of Fatback and Socket Records fame, quipped "it sounds like German new wave from 1989." With further investigation, I found out that Munk was, in fact, from Germany.

(Side note: I prefered the music on Munk's MySpace page over the two tracks offered on NNM - particularly Back Down (Cut Copy remix))

Sean then suggested I check out "Teutonik Disaster," an obscure German New Wave sampler from Gomma Records from 2002, featuring tracks from 1977 to 1983. His favorites being Carmen - Schlaraffenland and Ampilla's Delight - Lover's Walkman.

Carmen - Schlaraffenland by electrobitches

You can download the entire album here.

So let's recap my thought process: No Naci en Manchester -> Munk -> Munk's MySpace page -> Sean Peoples -> Teutonik Disaster -> Electrobitches.


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  1. Also, amazing mixtapes from Lowdown Magazine - "Teutonic" mixed by Munk is the very last one. http://www.lodownmagazine.com/index.php?page=25&modaction=showItem&id=1591