Goth pop, Cyndi, Ariel Pink's HG

I found this sweet gothy band called the Bubonic Plague. I don't think they're making music anymore because their lead singer is now working solo under the name Geneva Jacuzzi.

Hahaha this is effing cool though. It makes me giggle AND want to dance. Can u DIG???

For all you pop pansies who CAN'T dig:

1) Check out those dance moves
2) Just WAIT for her to rip the hat off.
3) Prince wrote this song for Cyndi and does a great version of it himself. You can hear that and a bunch of other crazy-cool songs on this lovely mix Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti made for Fact Magazine. Most interesting mix of this sort I've heard in a while. But click soon, it's only available for a couple of weeks.

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