Darn I Missed Them: TOO MANY TO LIST

(Actually, too many to list would be an OK band name.)

On Monday, June 14, 2010 something amazing happened. I would think it was even more amazing if I spoke Swedish. But it definitely looks amazing:

"Maskinen och Mash up international har lyckats samla den största delen av baile & kuduro-eliten för att få till en kväll som närmast kan beskrivas som kaotisk. det kommer bli som en brasiliansk favela nete på strömparterren och även om det inte går att dansa med vapen i sverige kommer det här bli en explosiv kväll."

Google translates that as:

"The machine and Mash Up International has managed to collect most of the baile & kuduro-elites to get to an evening that can best be described as chaotic. it will be like a Brazilian favela Nete on parterre and even if you can not dance with weapons in Sweden will this be an explosive evening."

So, yes. It looks good. Chaos, Brazil, weapons, explosions - all ingredients I want in a big party. And that's what Strömparterren - Love Stockholm 2010 looks like. A big party. With some really good bands. For only 80 kroner or 120 kroner (again, I can't read Swedish) - only $10 or $15! (Yes! recession and dollar being worth more?)

Some of the featured musical explosions came from:

Schlachthofbronx "Ayoba" feat. Spoek + Gnucci Banana

Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango

Radioclit Secouse All Star (Original Mix)


Buraka Som Sistema - Kalemba

Google says: Helvete ya! men Fan jag missade dem (Hell yes! but darn I missed them)

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