Kisses (and Subsequent Hugs)

Greetings. I am new in this part of town (the town of Blog-o-sphere). My name is Katie.

So you like music with attitude and electronics, you say? (You say yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn't be here at this blog called "Electrobitches" -- you might even say that you like your music with attitude so much that you've overlooked the typically pejorative word in the title, "bitch", knowing that some people employ this word not in an attempt to keep females oppressed, but rather to suggest a kind of spiciness that may or may not even relate to females at all. You smile to yourself, thinking about how ironically tolerant you are. You may or may not have very many friends).

Well, then CHECK THIS OUT! An LA two-piece band called Kisses. They first appeared on the 'netz a little over a month ago.

Sounds like The Style Council + the city of Miami had a baby (this song would be the baby), no?
Unsubstantiated internet reports suggest something is coming out April 27th, but this single can already be found on iTunes.

You can check out their currently minimalist website

See you 'round town.

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