SWF ISO Soulmate

If you didn't understand the title of this post, neither did I. I had to look up shorthand for personal ads to write it. Low moment, I know. But also a high moment, because if the paragraph below doesn't sound like a personal ad you'd want to answer then just go fuck yourself.
Annie currently lives in Berlin. She owned a cat named Joey, whom she named after both Joey Ramone and Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block. Joey died on 29 January 2010. Annie is an avid reader and follows global politics. She is friends with musician Peaches. Her musical influences include Madonna, Saint Etienne, Pet Shop Boys, and Kate Bush. Annie considers herself to be a perfectionist. She has a green belt in karate.
The friends with Peaches part is what really sealed the deal for me.

"Annie" is a Norwegian pop artist whose real name is Anne Lilia Berge Strand. That description of her comes from her personal section in Wikipedia. Epic.

I ended up stalking her after hearing her song "Antonio" remixed by Designer Drugs. See a fan's homemade video below:

Enjoy Annie's music and...personality.

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  1. The video was produced by what appears to be the most self consciously cool high school kids ever.