Star Fuck Me? Star Fuck you.

I was talking to my chum, Sam Goldstein, and he told me a very interesting theory about the band starfucker. He then told me that he did not write for electrobitches. I then told him to continue talking, while I took notes. For you dear, dear reader, I am willing to plagiarize. I know the internet has time-honored codes that have never been broken ever regarding the subject, but I must break them to share this amazing discovery! Praise be to Science!

OK, long story short, Starfucker (now known as pyramidd, which would be a great name if your name didn't used to be starfucker) can sound freakishly similar to Ratatat. Except starfucker understands that lyrics - even if you can't fully understand them or if they are deceptively simple/repetitive - can add to a song tremendously.

Case in point - German Love. The beginning smacks you with a little Ratatat, and then once the words come in (which consist only of "German Love, I want to give it to you. She won't have a thing to do with me"), you off to another, wonderful place. Listen and enjoy, and try not to dance.


  1. I should let everyone know now, I wish to make sex with everyone in this band. Over and out.

  2. Daniel J Hopkins, this is for you. http://endhits.portlandmercury.com/endhits/archives/2010/04/07/pyramiddd-is-dead-long-live-starfucker-and-fake-drugs-too
    and no, they do not sound like the hyper synth feedback-y, super repetitive Ratatat. No. I do not hear it.

  3. Not even a little? I mean, they do employ a lot of snyth. Either way, SF is great! Thanks for the article.