All About Laura (of Miami)

Found this list of Top 25 Bad DJ Names. Most are real bad. I have mixed feelings about "DJ Scratchatory Rape".

"Laura (Of Miami)" would not be a name on this list. It's clear, concise, not-too-braggy, and yet still gives off a vibe of importance. I'm thinking that if this whole blogging thing works out for me I might change to Katie (of the Weblogs). **********

(Laura-- j/k. Will not ripoff your name).

Anyway, it's a pretty great name, which is convenient, because Laura is a pretty great DJ.

Ever been out driving in an unfamiliar vehicle in an unfamiliar city and been all like, 'Damn, I'm so glad i can't listen to my ipod in here'? Yeah, probz not.

But that happened to me!! And this, my friends, my anyone-who-is-actually-reading-this, is how I discovered Laura (Of Miami). In addition to her impressive spinning skills, she's the music & programming director at University of Miami's WVUM 90.5FM .

Vamos A La Playa, Laura's monday night show, absolutely kills it. Listen here . Laura's shows specialize in a very fluid mix of disco, freestyle, boogie and 80s rarities (as the blog's tagline so aptly describes) from past and present. Set lists are published on Laura's blog as well.

So dudes, I don't know a lot about DJing. But I'd certainly like to.

(For instance, can anyone answer this question?
Referring to turntables as "the wheels of steel" will make me sound
A) Like a moron
B) Cool
C) Cool in a funny/ironic sort of way
D) Like a moron in a funny/ironic sort of way

*answers will not be graded)

Laura's been at this for ten years, so she was nice enough to answer a couple questions I thought our readers (namely, me) might be curious about.

ELECTROBITCHES: How'd you get into DJing?

LAURA (OF MIAMI): I've always been obsessed with collecting music. I used to make mixes for friends when I was doing my undergrad degree in Boston . Someone suggested I learn how to DJ so I did. I ended up as everyone's house party DJ until I got a residency at a club. When I moved to Miami I kept going.

EB: Can you remember the first time you ever DJed?

L(of M): I was pretty nervous and wrecked a few trains. We all pay our dues.

EB: I'm not hip to this 'train-wreck' lingo yet, but I like it. So what's up with all these different kinds of disco? The difference between Italo and Nu Disco is not clear to me.

L(of M): Italo Disco [is generally] 70s/80s European disco. [It's pretty] synth heavy, [often with] non-sequitur lyrics, [and has a] certain cheese factor to it. Nu disco is made by new electronica artists influenced by disco classics.

EB: True/False- The DJing world is dominated by dudes.

L(of M): I do think guys tend to dominate the DJ world, but that just makes the legit DJ girls stand out more. There are some really amazing female DJs out there that have worked hard to make a name for themselves. I like to encourage aspiring female DJs as long as they take it seriously and make themselves be taken seriously. I've seen all kinds of gimmicks girls use to get gigs, toplessness, costumes, ubermakeup, all you need is good track selection and technical skills. I also love spinning with other chicks, I think it brings an interesting element to a party.

EB: Word. Tell me about some music you're into.

L(of M): I'm kind of obsessed with Metronomy lately and I also like Fever Ray. Classic favorites (off the top of my head) would include everything from Grace Jones to Kraftwerk, Stereo Total, and even cheesy Latin power ballads.


Here's a fun track I discovered from one of Laura's sets. The video was made by a fan who really should be recognized for his inspired utilization of primitive iMovie special effects.

Nite Jewel : Weak for Me

Until next time, friends.



  2. Anonymous20/5/11

    Poor Laura she has had a rough season. I was looking forward to seeing her programs at Worlds.
    Wishing Laura a speedy recovery.
    Wheels Miami